Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dream: Taco Boom-Box

This was another brief, but strange one. I dreamt that I was back in my parents' house, most notably their bathroom (and my mother's husband was still alive). I was waiting for everyone to leave the house so that I could do some things in the bathroom. I fixed my hair and put on some jewelry, then I decided to wank, using my favorite vibrator which was in my repertoire for years & died circa 2006. Unfortunately, I kept getting distracted by people coming home and bothering me (asking me questions and trying to make small talk) so I never really got to finish. At one point, I even got distracted by someone outside walking around with a boom-box which was blaring an advertisement/warning for everyone within earshot to "AVOID TACOS! DON'T EAT THE TACOS! TACOS ARE DANGEROUS, SO DON'T EAT THEM!" and another person who was competing with the boom-box lady, yelling "YES! Everyone SHOULD eat tacos! Tacos are completely safe and people should eat them!" Apparently boom-box street advertising had become a cool new way to advertise. (Actually that sounds like an interesting idea.)

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