Thursday, March 22, 2012

Healing and Magickal Properties of Jasper

Practicioners of crystal therapy claim that the vibrations of each type of crystal can perform various functions. Their energy can be harnessed to make subtle changes in one's physical and mental health.

Jasper is a type of quartz which has often been referred to as "The Supreme Nurturer." This stone can be wonderfully supportive to people during times of stress or emotional turbulence. Jasper can bring about a calm peacefulness which can be like a soothing balm to those in distress. Jasper stones can bring a tranquil sense of calm to the bearer, and they can also absorb negative energy as well. Many different colors and types of jasper exist, and although each of them have specific beneficial properties, they all have a wonderful nurturing advantage to their energy.

Red jasper helps to protect from stress, panic, and anxiousness by helping to give insight into issues which require more attention. Red jasper can also help you with interpreting and recalling dreams. Physically, it is thought to aid blood circulation and promote a healthy liver.

Yellow jasper is another great choice for calming distress and promoting tranquility in someone who is upset or feeling a high level of anxiety. Its physically healing properties give it the power to heal digestive ailments and soothe an upset stomach.

Green jasper is another mood-levelling type of jasper, though this one is thought to work especially well on obsessive thoughts. One can also turn to green jasper for aid with troubling skin conditions and immunity imbalances. Like yellow jasper, green jasper is also proficient in healing digestive troubles as well.

Ocean jasper is an amazing type of jasper that comes in myriad colors and patterns; it's not uncommon to see an ocean jasper item containing blues, reds, greens, yellows, and black all in one piece. It is another highly protective jasper which can aid the user with a calming, patience-boosting property. This one can help to provide insight and perspective in order for the bearer to take personal responsibility for any issues he or she may have caused. Because it often contains yellow and green shades, this is another good choice for helping digestive troubles and also to dispel toxins from the body. It is also reputed to help with body odor.

Picture jasper is another multi-colored type of jasper. Often it contains shades of orange, red, and sandy brown, with ripples of dark brown and black veins. This gorgeous stone can help to promote peace and harmony, as well as to encourage stability. Picture jasper can also help calm phobias and gently uncover repressed emotions. Physical healing properties include the stimulation of one's immunities in order to promote self-healing, as well as the treatment of kidney illnesses and troubles with the skin.

Zebra jasper is usually a black and white rippled jasper, though it can sometimes be seen in colors other than white. It's another excellent choice for promoting peace, harmony, and stability. Zebra jasper can also keep you grounded and calm emotional distress.


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