Monday, March 4, 2013

The Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

A BOSS drives his or her employees...
    A LEADER coaches them.

A BOSS depends on their authority for respect...
    A LEADER depends on goodwill.

A BOSS inspires fear...
    A LEADER generates enthusiasm.

A BOSS says "I..."
    A LEADER says "We..."

A BOSS places blame for any breakdowns that occur...
    A LEADER fixes those breakdowns.

A BOSS may know how it's done...
    A LEADER shows people how it's done.

A BOSS uses people.
    A LEADER develops people.

A BOSS takes credit for others' work.
    A LEADER gives credit where it is due.

A BOSS commands.
    A LEADER asks.

A BOSS says "Go!"
    A LEADER says "Let's go!"

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