Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Having an Awesome Life, Lesson #5: The Power of Now

The fifth lesson in our installment has to do with our hopes and dreams, as well as how to deal with a life that doesn't quite seem to measure up to them.  It's human nature to want what we don't have, and it's also in our nature to become comfortable and complacent with our lives, with little desire to actually change anything.  There are also those who, while feeling complacent, are too busy worrying about what will happen in the future to enjoy the present.

By taking control of the present, you are putting yourself in the best possible place for the future.  Instead of pining over something you want, but cannot have now, or fretting over potential disaster in the future, try to train yourself to stop worrying and start enjoying what is currently around you.  I'm not saying that you need to abandon your common sense or through caution to the wind; you also don't have to stop dreaming and hoping for something better than the life you're currently living.  However, while you are in the present, take the time to appreciate where you are right now.  Be thankful for things you have in your life which are going well. 

Likewise, living in the present means getting real about the problems of your present.  Try not to put off solving that puzzle, working out those issues, or taking care of something that is giving your grief.  Emotions like that are draining to your energy.  Take care of new business before it turns into old business -- and old business before it becomes ancient business, or urgent business!  Getting real about those areas where you need to improve can make a huge impact on what tomorrow will bring.

Taking time to enjoy and savor the journey to wherever it is you wish to go, is a vital step in your awesome life.  Happiness in the small moments as well as the large ones will improve your overall well-being, and that makeover of your soul will translate into future happiness and success as well.

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