Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Prepare for a Spiritual Awakening

Everyone is composed of three basic layers: our body (the physical), our mind (the intellectual), and our soul (the spiritual).  Caring for our bodies is a fairly straightforward business.  Mental health can have its variations, but there are many consistencies from one person to the next.  However, the spirituality of each person can vary wildly from one to the next.  Spirituality centers around exploring our origins and our destinations; where our souls originate and where they will be going after our bodies have ceased to be, as well as the exploration of our place in this world, life's purposes and meanings.  While we all possess our own individual soul, not everyone in the world is destined to experience a life-altering spiritual transformation. 

It can be difficult to find information about spirituality that meshes well with our own personal needs.  Reading, doing research, and talking to other people can be great ways to explore new ideas.  However, when you don't exactly know where to start or what sort of spirituality experiences that you are seeking, it can be frustrating and often feel like a futile, fruitless search that never ends. 

Most people who embark upon spiritual quests will tell you that the search for your own life purpose and meaning can be a lifelong endeavor.  Even when you are unsure of where you're going or how to get there, we all have the ability to listen to our hearts.  Deep inside all of us is a voice that's reassuring us of the right path for us, letting us know that there is something more to our lives than simply the physical realm around us.

Take heart; the universe is infinite and ever-expanding.  Regardless of the place you're in right now, your spiritual identity will grow and evolve with each passing day.  Spirituality is a malleable, changeable thing.  The longer a person lives, the more information he or she gains.  As time passes, our worldview will change and so will our hearts and minds along with it.  There is so much all around us, beside us, and within us that can help to contribute to a rich and vibrant spiritual life.

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