Sunday, February 23, 2014

Magickal Properties of the Pearl

Pearls are the gemstones of the sea. Not a crystal but can still be used in crystal therapy. There are various myths that tell the story of a pearl's formation; they are said to have been formed by a tear from Venus, the Goddess of love. However, the truth is that a pearl is made grain of sand or other object manages to get inside the shell of a mollusk (oyster, clam, etc.). The foreign object becomes covered with a calcium substance that is secreted by the animal. Over time, it becomes hard and smooth, with a radiant luster. Pearls come in many shades; the most popular are white, but pink, black, yellow, brownish, and other colors also occur in nature. They are found in bodies of water all over the world.

Because of the pearl's shape and luster, as well as its origin, it is considered to be a gemstone of the Moon. Pearls are also said to have aphrodisiacal qualities and boost feminine powers, as well as ability to make the bearer immortal. Legend has it that pearl powders are a key ingredient in elixirs of immortality as they are a talisman of youth and beauty. Pearls are the gem of choice to strengthen the heart, kidneys, and lungs.

Yellow and green pearls are said to bring prosperity and abundance, while brown hued pearls give their bearers intelligence and foresight. White pearls are worn to give strength, female power, and happiness. All pearls are powerful in blocking the evil eye, curses, and negative energies; they are all also instrumental in enhancing psychic abilities.

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