Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Meditative Bliss with Nina Beste

One of the best exercises for our physical and mental well-being is meditation.  Few things are as healthful and as inducing of happiness as taking a few moments to meditate.  I am a practitioner and teacher of meditation, myself; I love to recommend it to my clients as I educate them about meditation's many benefits.

A lot of people get overwhelmed by the very idea of meditation when they are first beginning the practice.  It seems like such a lofty, esoteric, mystical thing: sitting in a ritualistic position, listening to mysterious music, perhaps chanting an ancient mantra or visualizing powerful symbols in order to make one's aspirations materialize.  But the truth is that meditation is a lot more simple than this.  In actual fact, the benefits and beginnings of meditation are much easier to achieve than some stereotypical arcane practice.  The true practice is much more attainable and down-to-earth than that!

There is a wide variety of meditation music available on the market today.  You can also start simple and check YouTube for videos that can help you get started in the world of meditative music.  One of my absolute favorite musical artists is Nina Beste, who creates beautiful and haunting works that are absolutely ideal to create a serene, meditative state.

Nina Beste's YouTube channel features a variety of fabulous programs to get you into the perfect mindset for meditation.  While she is an incredibly talented singer and musician in her own right, Best is also a certified NLP practitioner as well as a creator of meditation products which can heal and relax all who seek their enlightenment.  As an expert in the art and practice of meditation, Beste uses her knowledge and skill to produce work of unbelievable quality and beauty.  

"Time Traveler," Beste's latest single, is one of her best pieces yet.  Touching lyrics combine with poignant music and the haunting vocals of Nina Beste herself to make a true work of art.  The video itself is a cinematographic treat that beautifully complements the musical piece.  As we listen to this fantastic work, we are transported into a world of meditative reverie that is sure to bring peace to even the most restless heart and mind.

As a meditation teacher, I heartily recommend the work of Nina Beste for any practitioner of meditation.  Whether you're just beginning your meditative journey, or you've been reaping its benefits for much longer, you're sure to find Nina's music a delightful addition to your meditation music repertoire.

Visit her website for more updates, or check out what's new on Nina's CDBaby page! 

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