Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quartz for Spiritual Clarity

You can find quartz crystals almost anywhere. Whether in the stone's natural form, a beautifully faceted crystal formed by nature, or even as the smooth tumbled and polished version, these stones are extremely potent as a tool for meditation, providing spiritual or physical healing, cleansing, and balance for the entire biomagnetic area of the body.

Quartz crystals are stabilizers and storer of electromagnetic forces naturally. In fact, it does this job so well, quartz crystal is an important component in various electronic mechanisms -- computers, TVs, radios, and even cell phones, all have parts made of quartz crystal. Without quartz, these tools would not be able to function.

The process by which crystals form is a slow and arduous one -- it began hundreds of millions of years ago, when water and quartz combined with the perfect blend of heat and pressure. Deep within the earth they grew in locations which had these very specfic balances. The locations of these deposits were actually vital in regulating the earth's electromagnetic polar energy. It has been argued by some that without these quartz crystal deposits, Earth -- and indeed, life as we know it -- may not have existed.

Quartz vibrates at a very specific rate, and although many don't realize this, the vibrations can be harnessed and transferred by the human brain. Many new-age schools of thought believe that by focusing our energies, we can transmit the force of these crystals to elicit healing powers to ourselves, as well as toward those around us.

While I always recommend that you receive advice from a licensed physician about any and all health issues that you may have, I also have to add -- adding crystals to a sensible health program, in addition to following your doctor's orders, certainly can't hurt, and might even boost your natural healing powers in conjunction with your doctor's medical treatment.

Under most normal conditions, our bodies have been created to heal themselves. All curative processes, whether traditional medical practices or alternative ideas, often include focus on relaxation and de-stressing so that it can do its job more readily. Crystals may help to provide a balance of energy to your body, in order to ease stress and unease while your more scientific health treatments are underway.

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