Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cheaters Beware, We're Onto You

As a professional psychic, one of the most common questions I'm asked each day is "Is s/he cheating on me?"  In fact, I am usually asked such a question at least twice every day.  Each situation is different; sometimes the person in question sparks a definitive yes or no inside me, but most answers are more complicated than that.  A lot of times, I'm able to pick up on the feelings of the seeker's partner of intent to cheat, especially because many people will think about it, talk about it with others, or go looking for it long before they actually commit the deed.

It is with this spirit that I present you with a new video designed to help you see the signs of whether or not your significant other is cheating.  Many of these signs have been cited by relationship experts, and shared with me by friends and clients.  As someone who has been in a relationship with an unfaithful partner, I can personally vouch for every one of these -- but remember, your mileage may vary.  Every situation will have its own unique quantifiers, so remember to get proof before deciding to take the next steps.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Fourteen Traits of a Serial Killer

My article on emotional vampires is one of the most commonly visited sections on this website.  Because I do specialize in relationships of all types -- romantic ones, family dynamics, friendships, and even workplace dynamics -- I am often consulted when someone is seeking answers about another person's mental stability.  Often people ask me if a friend or loved one might be dangerous or violent when angered or stressed.  (Regardless of my impressions of such people, I would always advise anyone to err on the side of caution if they even need to ask this question!)

Recently, I came across a documentary about such acts which caused me to wonder about how dangerous or violent people interact, undetected by most, with the public at large.  What makes someone commit such crimes against humanity?  How is such a person made (or born)?  While most emotional vampires are not murderers, and most abusers are not serial killers, a lot of the traits below are pretty major red flags.  I thought that this information would be interesting to my readers.

Traits of a Serial Killer:

1. Over 90 percent of serial killers are male. 

2. They tend to be intelligent, with IQ's in the "bright normal" range.

3. They do poorly in school, have trouble holding down jobs, and often work as unskilled laborers.

4. They tend to come from markedly unstable families.
5. As children, they are abandoned by their fathers and raised by domineering mothers.

6. Their families often have criminal, psychiatric and alcoholic histories.

7. They hate their fathers and mothers.

8. They are commonly abused as children — psychologically, physically and sexually. Often the abuse is by a family member.

9. Many serial killers spend time in institutions as children and have records of early psychiatric problems.

10. They have high rates of suicide attempts.

11. From an early age, many are intensely interested in voyeurism, fetishism, and sado-masochistic pornography.

12. More than 60 percent of serial killers wet their beds beyond the age of 12.

13. Many serial killers are fascinated with fire starting.

14. They are involved with sadistic activity or tormenting small creatures.

Source: Internal Association of Forensic Science, an article written by FBI Special Agent Robert K. Ressler

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Positive Affirmations to Improve Your Life NOW!

I've been doing research on using affirmations to change the way that we think and feel about ourselves. Using them can help to eliminate the negative self-talk that some of us are constantly battling every day. 

When you use affirmations, it's important to say them as if what you want is already a reality of your life, rather than merely say what you hope will happen.  Quite honestly, I feel kind of silly talking about things that don't yet exist for me -- like better health, or more time to do what I need to do -- it's a bit strange saying things like "I enjoy perfect health" on those days when I wake up feeling like crap.  Nevertheless, I figured I'd give it a shot.  It certainly can't hurt, and maybe it actually will help me to feel better!  I also get a lot out of the ones that I truly feel each and every day, such as the first one in the video: "My life is full of things to enjoy and appreciate."  Who can't agree with that one? 

Here are a few affirmations that I've come up with, and wanted to share with you; see if you can find a good one to try regularly. Also, you've gotta love that adorable little can-can girl in the background!  I added a rainbow of colors to spice up the vintage black and white footage.  Can you believe that this was recorded over a hundred years ago?  She's looking mighty fine for her age. ;)

I don't just want you to sit there passively, reading the affirmation on the screen.  Say each one out loud; feel them.  Heck, SHOUT THEM if you feel the spirit moving you.  And if you have any affirmations that you particularly enjoy using, feel free to leave me some comments about them! Thanks!

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