Sunday, May 29, 2011

Free Psychics Online: Too Good to Be True?

As a professional psychic, I am often asked by people where to go for reliable, accurate psychic readings... for free. While it's true that virtually anything is available for free online, via samples or trial periods, there are a few pieces of information that some people fail to take into account when searching for free stuff. Psychic readings are no exception to these misconceptions.
It is a common, though erroneous, opinion that someone who is truly giften with psychic abilities will not accept money for the simple act of providing help for other people. However, this is not really the correct outlook to have. A professional psychic is just that: a professional. Just about every consumer would expect other service providers to charge for their time and attention -- your family doctor, your plumber, and your most trusted car mechanic also make their livings by providing services that help other people -- and your psychic spiritual advisor is no different. While psychic ability is largely an innate gift that one must possess from birth, many of these skills and talents also require a great deal of study, training, and experience as well. Thus, charging a fee for one's time and services rendered is a completely acceptable practice.
Although a professional spiritual worker does dedicate his or her life to the practice of helping others, even the most gifted psychic in the world still needs to pay the bills and make a living. This is especially true for the full-time psychic who has devoted all of his or her time to honing skills. A full-time psychic may not have any other "day job" aside from his or her calling as a spiritual worker; giving psychic readings is not only their passion, but also their livelihood. Because it may be their sole means of income, it simply wouldn't be possible for such a person to give free readings.
One exception to the rule above is when a psychic gives a free "introductory" service, such as a mini-reading where the customer is given the opportunity to ask a question, by means of a free sample, for the client to follow up with a paid order for more time if it goes well. Many professional psychics are committed to their craft, and in order to help as many people as possible, the psychics must invest quite a bit of their own time, money, and energy, educating themselves and improving their own abilities. Additionally, a good psychic will spend their time getting to know clients so that they can understand them well, in order to provide the services and advice which are best for them. Obviously, investing these energies is not possible if the full-time psychic is unable to make a living for him- or herself. Psychic ability is a God-given gift, and such gifts are meant to be shared with the world; however, everyone has the right to set a value on their and energy in order to avoid people who might overuse or overtax their valuable assets. Psychics who claim to possess spiritual gifts yet who do not charge anything for their services often possess a diminished sense of self-worth, which is not a positive attitude to channel these gifts. Therefore, if you are seeking an accurate or helpful psychic reading, it is always best to do your homework and seek the services of a professional with enough confidence to do the job.
I enjoy being a professional spiritual advisor, and while there is some financial benefit to having my skill set, I don't feel that money should be a primary motivating factor in assisting others. I have given free readings to people to show a preview of my abilities, should they decide to become part of my client base. However, I am not a full-time psychic; spiritual advising is something that I do because I enjoy the challenges of it, the rewards of interaction with interesting people, and the opportunities to help and educate others with the gifts I have been given. I also provide regular "bonus time" for those clients that I know well and enjoy speaking with, because after all, it is this group of people who has made me successful at what I do, and it's my way of thanking them for it. Additionally, because I do have other means of income, I also give the public at large an opportunity to ask me questions via my Twitter accountmy YouTube channel, and my Facebook fan page, which I find to be an extremely positive and fun experience for everyone. If the askers decide to book time with me through Skype or via telephone, or they decide to pursue a more detailed reading via email, that's wonderful; however, it isn't the sole reason that I choose to give a little of my extra time to such causes. Social networking provides me a great deal of satisfaction in assisting other people, but also opportunities to hone my skills through the practice of beneficial psychic work. It's also a lovely way to help others, and my small way of making the world a better place.
If you certainly don't have $50 or more to book half an hour with a seasoned professional, though you do have a couple of dollars to spend, it may be in your best interest to find a professional psychic who is willing to charge you for only a portion of the time. For example, I dedicate certain blocks of my time to providing $5 email readings or 10-minute phone and Skype consultations to customers through a commercial website. I also provide psychic services and Tarot readings via my Keen listings, charging a low per-minute fee in an effort to give counsel to people who only want to ask a quick question or two. This provides access to my services for people who otherwise cannot afford to consult with a psychic. You may do well to find an established professional who, like me, provides their services for a reduced cost to those who are in need of a little extra help. Many people enjoy taking advantage of these services, and my $5 email reading promotion has been very well-received by people who enjoy this service. Other psychics will often do the same thing in order to help people, or in an effort to drum up business when seeking new clients.
There are some people who are in need of psychic readings, yet who do not have the finances to seek the services of a seasoned professional who charges a standard "professional" rate. In fact, perhaps even a reduced cost sample is a financial hardship in many cases. In such circumstances, it is understandable and may well be advisable to invest your time and energy in scouring the internet for a psychic who is willing to give you a free reading. Doing a search for "free online psychics" may help you come up with several possibilities. Be sure to do your research before choosing the one that is right for you.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Psychic Forecast Video, June 2011

It's my first YouTube video!  I have predictions here for next month, a brief reading for each sign.  For your convenience, I have also predicted and included "Love Days," "Prosperity Days," and a "Personal Power Day" for every sign so that you can schedule all those important events. :)

I hope that you enjoy it!  Please subscribe to my channel 'cause I have lots of cool new things coming up. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Artwork and a Big "Thank You"

I recently made myself an interesting new piece of artwork for my listings on --
Don't you just love that adorable "moon bunny angel" watching over her city from above?

The building in the picture, by the way, is historical landmark 
the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
My husband and I have some happy memories of spending time there together.
As a child, I remember touring the rooms and admiring the breathtaking art and architecture!

The original picture was taken by the amazing Joey Gannon who has graciously allowed
others to use it under the Creative Commons share-alike license.

Joey, I thank you most sincerely for sharing your inspiring vision of this place that's brought me so many wonderful times, both as a child and as an adult!  I couldn't have made my ad without your contribution!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the Thirteenth and Other Superstitions

Another Friday the Thirteenth is here once again, and with it has come awareness of superstitions and the supernatural. Friday the Thirteenth may be unlucky for some people, but I've always enjoyed it. I usually associate it with neither positive nor negative luck. However, it definitely is a day of mystical and unusual occurrences, either for good or bad. Make sure you keep a lucky charm on hand! Here are a few interesting myths and superstitions to remember for next Friday the Thirteenth, and for all year 'round.

1. Black cats are said to be inherently unlucky, however having one "cross your path" as you're walking is especially unlucky.

2. When you break a mirror, you will have seven years of bad luck. To reverse this back luck streak, you can bury the pieces of the mirror, or throw them into a stream.

3. "Step on a crack, break your mother's back." Avoid cracks in streets, sidewalks, and even the floor, as they are reputed to have unlucky consequences for you and those around you.
4. If a wild bird enters your house, someone close to you will die.

5. An old eastern European legend says that if you have accidentally put on your underwear inside out, you will have an especially lucky day. If you need a little extra luck on a particular day... go ahead and put it on inside out anyway... it couldn't hurt!

6. Opening an umbrella in the house is said to bring bad fortune to those inside the house, so keep those umbrellas closed unless you're outside.

7. When you move, do not take your old broom with you. Throw it away, and get a new broom for your new house.

8. If your palms itch, money will be changing hands -- your right palm itching indicates that you'll be receiving money; An itch on your left palm means that you will be lending or paying money to someone soon.

9. Horseshoes are good luck! If you hang one above the doorway, it will bring good luck to your household. In Ireland, it is believed that the horseshoe must be facing upward so that the luck "catches" in the curve of the horseshoe.

10. If you spill salt, you must throw some over your shoulder to prevent back luck from coming. Some say that it must be your left shoulder, other say that either shoulder will do.

11. When you sneeze, your soul might try to escape your body, or the devil may possess you. Therefore it's important to bless someone when you hear them sneeze.

12. If you see a shooting star, make a wish. All wishes that are made on shooting stars are said to come true. But if you tell your wish, it won't come true!

13. If thirteen people sit down to eat a meal together, then one of those people will die within a year.

Photos credits: Calendar pic (c) W. J. Pilsak; Kitty pic, thanks to DrL

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