Saturday, December 24, 2011

Blue Benefits of Sapphire Therapy

Crystal therapy is great to use in conjunction with scientifically-approved medical treatments. This New Age practice can make you feel wonderful; when the mind is relaxed and happy, it can enhance well-being and promote physical healing. Try it! 

One fabulous gemstone to add to your crystal therapy repertoire is the sapphire. The word itself comes from the Greek word "sapphieros" which means "blue stone," although at the time, this moniker probably referred to what we know today as lapis lazuli. While sapphires are often all shades of blue from the palest sky-blue to the deepest navy, they do come in other colors as well -- such as pink, yellow, green, purple, even black and white.

The magickal properties of sapphire make it a very versatile stone. They are excellent for promoting happiness and love, including faithfulness to a lover, as well as clarity of thought. They also are reputed to have specific healing powers. For example, the standard blue sapphire is associated with the throat chakra which is represented by the color blue, and therefore many choose to use it for helping this area of the body. It can be of particular benefit to people who use the voice for a living: singers, public speakers, or voice actors.

Other sapphire colors can have specific applications as well. Many colors of sapphires are said to be beneficial to the heart chakra, especially green sapphires, which also aid the immunities to help keep your body healthy and strong, and pink or purple sapphires which are often instrumental in filling the seeker with love and spiritual enlightenment. Black stones are often used for protection and to keep one's outlook balanced, and the black sapphire is no exception to this rule.

A sapphire which is used for therapeutic crystal ritual reasons can come from any source you like. Just make sure that it is a natural stone (not a "lab" sapphire or "created" stone). It is not hard to find sapphires in their natural, unpolished state, but if you prefer to try jewelry-quality stones which is already be set into a wearable piece, then you have the convenience of slipping the sapphire on and off your body as you need it.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Easiest Reflexology Chart Ever!

In the past few months, I've been thinking a lot about reflexology.  It's something that I've studied, here and there, for the past couple of years.  I certainly wouldn't call myself an expert, though I would say that I'm an enthusiast.  It's the sort of holistic treatment that I love, because it's non-invasive and no matter how inexperienced you are, you can't really hurt someone or do it "wrong."  

One thing that confuses people, however, is just where all of those pesky reflexology points are located!  I've looked at a lot of charts, and while it seems that there's some debate going on about some of the parts of the body and their corresponding reflexology areas, I have formulated a chart that is based on the most widely-agreed locations.  My reflexology chart is a very simple, basic diagram that has the most commonly sought locations featured prominently.  The image of the sole of the foot was taken from an image from Gray's Anatomy that I found online -- I just colored in and labelled all of the "good" parts. ;)

 I wouldn't recommend reflexology as a cure-all or any sort of replacement for the advice of a doctor, but I would most happily recommend it as something to try as a supplemental treatment -- it certainly can't hurt you, and at the very worst, you'll be getting a nice relaxing foot rub out of the deal (how bad could that be?).  Just remember to be gentle and go slow if you're trying it for the first time.  Get a friend to try some of these reflexology points on you, or just refer to my picture below and do it for yourself.  It's easy and so much fun!  Consult your doctor before doing this, as some types of massage may be unsuitable for people with certain health issues.

P.S.  As a special gift to you, I fully permit everyone to use, share, and refer to my chart under the Creative Commons No-Derivs License!  (more info below)  
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Spells, Prayers, and Rituals Defined

In the simplest sense, all spiritual practices, such as wishes, rituals, spells, and prayers, are all essentially the same.  They are thoughts which we consciously guide toward a certain direction; when we pray or practice spiritual activities, they have the power to change our very lives.

When you are requesting help from the divine in order to achieve a certain goal, each request and thought can have a very specific effect in the form of your desired outcome.  If you ask for a spell, ritual, or prayer to be performed for you -- or you practice this yourself -- you are requesting divine intervention to help repair an area of your life which you feel needs a little help.  Therefore, you must understand that wishes, prayers, and other rituals are very important practices.  These are spiritual tools which are designed for serious and specific purposes.

Throughout human history, we have used these types of practices across all cultures.  Spiritual practices such as alchemy, reiki, shamanism, druidry, kabbalah, wicca, santeria, voodoo, prayer, hoodoo, hermeticism, religions of all types, and more have been instruments to affect changes.  Even the simple power of positive thought and meditation can be beneficial in times of turbulence or whenever a life change is needed.

Some spiritual and religious practices benefit from the use of tools such as talismans or other tangible items for more effectiveness.  These can include candles, herbs, religious amulets, the drawing of symbols (such as Christians making the sign of the cross), and many other types of methods to manifest change.  However, you do not always need to use "hard" goods for these purposes.  It can be as easy as putting your hands together and praying, or sitting in a comfortable spot to meditate and reflect on manifesting the desired changes.  Requesting aid from your higher power, or any Divine presence that you choose to work with, is the most important aspect of any spell, prayer, or ritual.  The other items may help to center or focus the requester, but they are powerless without the intention within you.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fertility Treatment & Crystal Therapy

I've heard that some people who have trouble conceiving have given "crystal therapy" a shot to help. One of the most common complaints that a new age healer will address is fertility issues. Couples who are trying to conceive have often tried anything that they think may help. Since many problems with the human reproductive system revolve around stress-based ailments, I see no harm in giving crystal-based rituals a try for relaxation and for paving the way so that conventional medicine practices can do their jobs even better!

The first step in crystal therapy to aid fertility is to select the stone that is right for the job. Some stones are said to be especially powerful for women and female complaints, such as Jade, moonstones of all colors (but especially white and raibow hues), quartz in pinks and purples such as rose quartz. Many people choose shapes that are evocative of reproductive symbols, such as an egg or perhaps carvings of Venus of Willendorf or other feminine symbols. However, this is up to you -- use what makes you feel comfortable. Stones for male fertility should be selected from gemstones which have a reputation for masculine energy enhancement: pyrite stones, gold, and tiger's eye are all great choices. Again, shape is a nice touch; if you come across "lingam" type stones, or anything vaguely phallic, go ahead and give it a try. I feel that the composition of the stone is a lot more important than a pretty shape. But again, you may be the type who gets really into the esthetics. If so, do what you like!

Once you have your stones, select a nice resting place for them somewhere in your home. If you have an altar for meditation or some place where you place important things, add the stones. I've heard that some people create "nests" for their implements in fertility rituals, which I think sounds like a lovely idea. Customize and personalize your stone with your own specific energy signature, as I've described in a previous article.

Then, consecrate your fertility nest as well, dedicating the area to love, healing, and fertile energies. Then place the stones inside, and visit each day to meditate -- you and your partner should both choose times, seperately or together, to visit and contemplate, to direct abundant and fertile energy toward the subject at hand. Remember that the space you choose to place your nest should be peaceful and calm; it should make you feel safe and reaffirm your dedication to the act of conception.

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