Monday, June 24, 2019

Crystal Healing for Energy Addicts

Crystals and other gemstones have been used since ancient times.  We can use them to improve our physical health, our wealth, our emotional stabilities, and our surroundings.  In order to find the right crystal for the job, focus on the issues you're experiencing, and let your intuition guide you toward the right crystal.  If you are choosing a crystal for somebody else, simply focus on them, try to feel their energies, and select the one that seems to be the right fit.  You'll know when you get the right crystal: maybe you'll feel that special "spark"... it will feel right.  Just use your instincts and you can't go wrong.

After you have first acquired your crystal, you will need to program and consecrate the crystals before using them.  Begin by cleansing the crystal.  After that, it is time to consecrate the crystal.  Envision it being surrounded by a bright light in your personal power color (or white, if you're unsure which color to use, as it's a good all-purpose cleansing color).  It's also a good idea to voice the dedication out loud; it helps to ground you and underscores your purpose.  Your statement doesn't need to be fancy; it can be something simple like "I dedicate my crystal to good work, positivity, and healing.  May this crystal be used with love and peace."  That's all you really need to dedicate the crystal.  When you program the crystal, it is time to specify what you'd like.  Holding it in your hands, say "I now program this crystal for..." and state the purpose of your crystal.  Program the crystal for anything you want, such as physical healing of a specific health condition, relationship help, reducing stress of anxiety -- by all means, voice them as specifically and with as much detail as you like.  This is an important step; the crystal needs to "know" what you want it to do, after all!  You can repeat the programming as many times as you need.

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