Monday, December 31, 2012

Of Spellwork: Ingredients, Incantations, & Gestures

Spellcasting, like any type of task, can take on different styles and forms, which largely depend on the spellcaster.  While there are many ingredients and directions to be followed, there is always room for variation. 

Spells largely consist of instructions which specify the actions, gestures, spoken or written words, and important items to use during casting.  Any spell that involves the written or spoken word requires that you write or speak clearly and legibly.  Some will require shouting, whispering, or just speaking -- in any event, do these things as firmly and with as much conviction as possible.  And don't forget to enunciate; remember what happened to Harry Potter the first time he tried going to Diagon Alley through the chimney!

Gestures may be equally important.  Strive to be as accurate as possible with these gestures.

Ingredients are another vital part of spellwork.  Try to get the best ingredients you can manage.  If there's something rare or time-sensitive that is difficult to acquire, a substitution may be allowed.  You can check online or in your spellbooks for the appropriate correspondences.  Many, if not most, ingredients should only be used once and not "recycled" for other spells.  However, in my opinion, some are fine to use over and over again.  For example, if you have a cleansing spell that requires a white candle, there is no reason you can't reuse the candle in your future magickal workings.  Just cleanse the item appropriately when you're finished, and re-consecrate it in the future.  The same goes for things like crystals, cloth items, and essential oils; you can always cleanse and re-program them.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 2012 Client Update :)

Happy holidays to all of my customers who are celebrating this season!
Merry Christmas * Happy Chanukah *
Blessed Yule * Joyous Kwanzaa * Happy Festivus! ;)

... And of course, have a Happy New Year!!!

Many of you know that I've cut way back on my Keen time this year, due to some health issues and relocating, which has put a big ole split in my available time.  However, this month I've been working hard to make myself available.  And I will continue to do so throughout 2013 as well, so we can talk more. :)

This year, I look forward to helping all of you in continuing on your life paths.  Together, we can produce more happiness, more satisfaction out of life, better relationships with those who mean the most to us, and more positivity to share with the world! :)  2013 is going to be awesome indeed!  Come along with me along my journey, won't you?

I'm enclosing some free minutes for all of my Keen friends.  Feel free to pop onto the phone if you see me available, or click to chat whenever you see me.
I will also be unveiling some NEW and powerful services this year, so stay tuned!

Here's wishing everyone a happy, healthy, safe & satisfying holiday...
... and an even better 2013 ahead!
I thank ALL of YOU for sharing with me... YOU are the reason I'm on Keen...
I care about each and every one of you, and am so thankful you chose to seek my advice!

Lots of love to each and every one of you!
  @}-,-`-.   ~ Sage ~   .-`-,-{@  

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Brown Aura Color and Its Meanings

Brown is a deep, tranquil, and earthy hue within the auric spectrum. It is generally thought to be a combination of darkest orange, with a bit of green or blue energy thrown in for good measure.  Corresponding to the earth, it is a color of practicality, warmth, and persistence.

People with a brown aura, regardless of the shade of brown represented or the amount of within the aura, tend to be very businesslike and careful, but nurturing and generally interested in helping others. They are often very brave, and wonderful team players. On the negative side, however, despite their best or most loving intentions, brown aura individuals may have control issues or anxiety.  Brown aura bearers can also be of delicate constitution, needing extra time to charge their emotional batteries.

Light brown auras are a good example of the caring nurturer with a practical approach to solving problems.  The lighter color may indicate that the aura bearer is running out of energy, or is coming to the end of a major issue in his or her life.

Tan, like light brown, also symbolizes a depleted sense of energy.  However, a tan aura bearer tends to be less focused on feelings and emotions, and more concerned with logic and facts in order to achieve goals.

Greyish brown (mushroom color) is another shade that shows a deficiency in personal energy.  Brown aura bearers tend to deplete themselves quickly, so they need to take extra energy.  This shade indicates a slower and more careful thought process, in an attempt to pace him- or herself.  Try some aura polishing techniques if you need a positive change.

Chocolate is a common shade for the environmentally conscious, outdoorsy type of person.  This person can recharge those batteries by connecting with the earth, plants and animals.

Rusty brown can be indicative of a tough-as-nails, persistent person who will fight through anything to achieve his or her goals.  The addition of a red essence in this shade boosts the aura bearer's natural "brown" tendency to fade quickly.  There is an aggression here that can be channeled positively.

Reddish-clay brown aura bearers show persistence and grace under pressure, as well as a pioneering spirit and an unconventional nature.  However, there is also the tendency for a short temper or stubbornness to rear an ugly head occasionally.

Espresso brown is a calm, quiet shade that gives its bearer a simple elegance and a lot of common sense.  There may not be too many original ideas coming from this bearer, however the logic of such an individual is quite valuable when processing or improving upon ideas from other sources.

The next time that you wonder what a brown aura means, you only have to look inward.  Each aura is unique,  and aura patterns can contain many different shades of brown.  Do what feels right for you!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

20 Awesome Tips for Surviving a Bad Breakup

1.  Remove the temptation of easy access.  Delete his or her number from your phone, block 'em on Facebook, get rid of old emails.  Unless you work together or share children, there is really no need to initiate further contact.  (If there was no major betrayal before the breakup, you may wish to maintain the friendship; in this case, just lay low for awhile and get some emotional distance.)
2.  Do not keep tabs on your ex.  This means no Facebook stalking (covertly or otherwise), no asking around, no driving past his or her house.  If it's over, it's over.  Let them wonder what you're doing or whom you're with now, but resist the temptation to keep that wound fresh.

3.  Let it out.  Write all your feelings in a notebook, a personal blog or journal, anywhere that you can vent and detox those negative feelings.

4.  Decide that, since you have now detoxed, to turn over a new leaf.  Think of this as a positive opportunity to make a fresh start, and adopt a positive attitude.

5.  Take care of yourself.  Eat healthy, exercise, and generally treat yourself well.  This is especially true if you were with someone who was not terribly concerned with your physical or emotional well-being.  When you take responsibility of your own well-being, you're taking control of your life.

6.  When you're feeling down on yourself, try thinking of all your positive qualities.  Make a list if you have to, in order to refer to it for future falterings.

7.  While you're in the habit of making lists, try making another one of all the reasons you're better off NOT in the relationship that you used to be.  If your former partner was annoying, unsupportive, selfish, or boring... write it down.  Absorb it, realize that the end of the relationship is a positive thing, and move on.

8.  Socialize with friends.  Call people that you haven't spoken to in a long while.  Re-establish touch with long lost friends, and enjoy reconnecting with those who love you.

9.  Pursue new interests, or revive much-beloved older ones.

10.  Take the focus off of yourself.  Realize that other people have issues too; do something wonderful for another person, and enjoy the glow that comes along with it.

11.  Pleasure yourself physically. 'Nuff said.

12.  Make changes to your apprearance.  Yes, it can be a bit of a cliche, but the truth is that seeing a cool new you in the mirror can help to alter your own perception of yourself.  Change your hair, try a new fashion style, get your most trusted cohorts together and devise an interesting new look for yourself.

13.  Change your surroundings.  You may not be in the position to move, but sometimes when you feel down in the dumps, and everything reminds you of your ex, you want to switch things around.  Move the furniture, paint the walls.  Burn some sage and detoxify your space.  If you're not interested in switching around your space, even a good thorough cleaning can make you feel fantastic.

14.  Throw yourself into your work for awhile.  Don't become a workaholic, though!

15.  When you're ready to see new people, try dating.  Keep in mind that "rebounds" usually don't work out, so don't go hunting for a new relationship right away.  Just enjoy socializing, flirting, and meeting new and interesting (or not-so-interesting!) people.

16.  Make new friends.

17.  Find enjoyment in solitary activities like reading, video games, or just walking through your city and seeing the sights.

18.  If your ex dumped you for someone else or was a particularly big jerk, think about the next person they end up with.  Instead of feeling jealous or tearing them down, realize how being with the ex totally sucks.  Feel simultaneously sorry for the "latest victim," and relieved that your ex is no longer your problem.

19.  Truly evolved people never stop growing, changing, and learning.  Try filling your mind with new information and perceptions.  Expanding your mind will expand every part of your life.

20.  Love yourself and love others.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Act of Contrition

The Act of Contrition is a Catholic prayer that is used during confession.  It is basically a pledge between the confessor and God, where the person confessing expresses sorrow for his or her sins, and promises to behave better in the future.  There are some versions which are more popular than others, but there is no specific right or wrong version.  In fact, when I went to confession as a child, I was encouraged just to speak from my heart if I was unable to remember one of the versions I was taught.

Here is a popular version in the original Latin:

Deus meus, ex toto corde paenitet me omnium meorum peccatorum
eaque detestor, quia peccando,
non solum poenas a te iuste statutas promeritus sum,
sed praesertim quia offendi te,
summum bonum, ac dignum qui super omnia diligaris.
Ideo firmiter propono,
adiuvante gratia tua,
de cetero me non peccatorum peccandique occasiones proximas fugiturum.

In English, this is basically translated as:

O my God, I repent of all my sins with all of my heart 
I detest them, because by sinning, 
Not only did I have gained just punishment from you, 
but most of all because they offend Thee, 
the highest good, who is deserving of all my love. 
I firmly resolve with Your help, 
to avoid the occasions of sin.

The Act of Contrition for children, which is the one I learned as I prepared for my First Holy Communion, is short and sweet: "O my God, I am sorry for all my sins because they displease you, who are all good and deserving of all my love. With your help I will sin no more. Amen."

My mother was taught this one when she was a child: "O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee, and I detest all my sins, because of thy just punishments, but most of all because they offend Thee, my God, Who are all-good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace, to sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin. Amen."

You do not need to be Catholic, or indeed even Christian, to declare an act of contrition.  If you are Catholic, you can use the prayers above, or if not, just speak from your heart to the deity of your choice or to the universe itself.   This can be a wonderfully cleansing and uplifting practice to help switch you onto the right track, to avoid things that are unhealthy or negative for you, and to move on in a more positive direction.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

What Does a Purple or Violet Aura Mean?

Purple or violet is a cool, deep color within the aura spectrum, though it also has elements of warmth to it as well.  This hue corresponds to the elements of both fire and water, as it combines the deep passion of red with the mellow tranquility of blue. Purple  corresponds to the Crown chakra, and is a versatile and visionary  color.  People with a violet or purple aura are the wise and visionary souls of the auric spectrum.  A purple aura is typically a lover of humanity, a wise person who loves knowledge, and potentially intuitive. There is also an ability to organize and direct others well.

Lavender is a pale violet-like shade of purple. It is an airy and lighthearted color, indicating innocence and trust.  Lavender spots or halo around someone can also indicate a recent near-death experience.

Lilac is another pastel violet shade.  It possesses more pink than lavender, but with a definite pale purple hue.  Within an aura, this color symbolizes security without haughtiness, and a personal sense of spiritual stability.  These people are confident and natural leaders.

Magenta is like lilac with the volume turned way, way up! People with magenta in their auric presence have a distinct sense of originality and a pioneering spirit.  This is the color that is most prominent in entrepreneurs, inventors, and other visionaries.  This can be an aggressive color, though that isn't necessarily a bad thing.  They can be so unconventional that they are often perceived as crazy and kooky, yet there is often a method to their madness.  Try some aura polishing techniques if you need to slow down a bit.

is a dusty mixture of magenta and lilac.  It's a soft, soothing color that is actually a close cousin of the pink aura bearer.  A mauve aura indicates honesty, yet modesty, and a certain understated helpfulness.  There is much quiet beauty and unspoken confidence in this auric energy.

Royal purple is bold and luscious, as is the person who shows this aura shade in their auric field.  There is a dreamy, imaginative quality in this shade which can prompt its bearer to be blessed with an amazing sense of vision.  This is another entrepreneurial, pioneering aura, yet care must be taken that this person does not spend his or her entire life dreaming and making big plans without following through!  Like a king or a queen, this person is bold and dynamic, with a flair for imagination.  Look for other aura colors to help strike a balance; with the proper motivation, or by seeking practical cohorts, these visions can be brought into reality.

Grape violet is a paler shade of royal, with a bit of dustiness to it.  It is still rather bold, but with less of an edge.  There is the bold visionary spirit present in royal shades, yet there is more idleness.  These are often folks who have big plans and dreams, yet much trouble following through or bringing those thoughts into any meaningful practice.  Laziness can be the downfall of the grape-hued aura, but with dedication and a desire to work through the troubled spots, this can be modified to a more positive violet hue.

Darkest violet purple is a deep, dark, intense version of royal purple.  It can be so dark that you might compare it to a purple midnight sky. This color has the humility and vision that accompanies most purple shades, but as the darkest shade on the purple auric spectrum, it is also one of the most powerful.  These are the true visionaries of the world.  Many psychics (including yours truly!) possess a dark violet or purple aura which indicates a mystic sense of empathy as well as a deep desire to aid and comfort others. 

Many people want to know, "What does a purple aura mean?" And hopefully, I have answered this question.  All auras are unique.  Every aura is different, and different things may work for various aura colors and aura patterns.  Do what feels right for you!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Vibrational Crystal Healing to Channel Your Inner Doctor

Crystals are prevalent in all places in ordinary, everyday life.  Computers, radios, televisions, cell phones all have crystals in them.  Technology can certainly benefit from their power, but crystals can also benefit people in other ways.  One new age technique that explores this concept is that of crystal vibrational healing.

Vibrational healing is done through harnessing the frequency of energy that radiates through the crystal and to a person's physical body.  This energy can cleanse the body of negativity -- sadness, fear, bad energy, and possibly even ill health -- and replace this unwanted energy with more positive vibrations.

I've heard some people claim that the physical body is never really ill, but rather it is our perception that illness exists.  I don't agree with this statement at all.  If this were true, then there wouldn't be any sick people in the world; instead, illness could be abolished by simply wishing it away.  Choosing not to believe you're sick is very risky and could be dangerous.  Instead, I believe that it's best to take sensible measures in addressing your health concerns.  See your doctor, eat well, exercise and do the best you can to maintain your body.  At the same time that you're using medical science to aid in your journey to wellness, you can also try vibrational healing to keep your mind positive and your spirit determined to fight.  This way, you will get the best of both worlds.

While you may not be able to control everything that happens in your body, you can work on your mental and spiritual outlook.  Studies have shown that meditation has had a wonderful effect on the well-being of illness sufferers.  Trying new age methods until you find one you're comfortable with, can't hurt you, and can possibly help.

The first step with crystal healing is to focus on what you want to change.  To transform your feelings or physical state, try feeling those negative states with the opposite aspect.  For example, feed fear with courage.  Feed anger with tranquility.  Feed pain with relief.  Feed illness with health.  You can use crystals as tools to aid you in these transformations.

Find your favorite crystal, or one that feels right for the job, and place it against your heart, your third eye, or any chakra where you feel the need for relief.  Center on that negative feeling or state.  Feel it strongly.  If it helps, remember a time when you felt it the most -- it can be your fear, your illness, your pain.  Now, after you've zeroed in on that feeling, imagine it being attracted into the crystal like a magnet.  Meditate on that negativity being drained completely from your body, and being trapped inside the crystal.  Envision your body being cleansed completely of that feeling as it empties into the crystal.  Now, envision a glow around the crystal as it transforms and heals the energy.  Imagine the cleansed, positive, wonderful energy filling you completely and fortifying you with positivity and well-being.

You can use this technique whenever you feel the need for some extra cleansing or peace in your life.  It is a wonderfully quick and easy form of meditation for both the seasoned meditator, and the novice, alike.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Quick & Easy Correspondences for Chakras

Chakras are areas in the human (or animal) body where physical, emotional, and spiritual energy are the most concentrated.  The word "chakra" itself comes from a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel."  There are seven major chakras in the human body.

The Base Chakra, also known as the Root Chakra, is located at the base of the spine.  Its color correspondence is deep red.  The Base Chakra deals with survival, life force, and individuality.

The Sacral Chakra can be found in the groin or genital area.  The color most associated with this chakra is orange.  It is sometimes referred to as the Spleen Chakra.  The Sacral Chakra corresponds to our sexuality, feeling, and sensing energies.

The Solar Plexus is in the stomach area.  We also call this chakra the Ego Center.  This is the chakra of mental energy, willpower, and personal power.  It is often associated with the color yellow.

The Heart Chakra, which corresponds to an emerald green color, can be found in the center of the chest.  This chakra is one of love, balance, and emotional energy.  It is also known as the Cardiac Center.

The Throat Chakra is also called the Laryngeal Center; this is located in the center of the throat or neck.  It is the chakra of communication, fluid thought, and creative energy, and independence.  The color blue is often associated with the Throat Chakra.

The Brow Chakra is also known as the Third Eye.  This chakra rules over the imagination, perception, and intuitive energy.  This Third Eye is located between the eyes, and up into the center of the forehead.  It is associated with the color indigo.

The Crown Chakra corresponds to a violet shade.  It is the chakra of knowledge, inspiration, and spiritual energy.  This chakra is also called the Coronal Center, and is an area just above the head like a halo. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Albert J. Bernstein's "Narcissistic Vampire" Checklist

A friend of mine forwarded this to me, and I found it very interesting.  Thought I would post it here to share with my readers.  Hope that you enjoy it -- and more importantly, learn something!  

True or false? Score one point for each true answer. 



















Scoring: Five or more true answers qualifies the person as a Narcissistic Emotional Vampire, though not necessarily for a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality. If the person scores higher than ten, and is not a member of the royal family, be careful that you aren’t mistaken for one of the servants.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On Spells and Wicca

A lot of people hear terms like "witchcraft" and "Wicca," and will assume that those who follow religious practices like these must be evil, bad, or devil-worshippers.  I have met people from all types of religions; some people are good, and some aren't so good.  Wicca is a nature-based religion with a nod to various Gods and Goddesses of many cultures and times in human history;  many Wiccans also choose to include the Judeo-Christian God, plus Jesus, Mary, and Catholic saints in their worshipping practices.

Wicca (a term which comes from the old English word for "witch") is not devil worship and is not inherently evil: in fact, the Wiccan Rede, which is the most serious commandment of those practicing magick, is summed up in only a few words:  "Do what thou will, but harm none."  By learning more about this complex religion (whether you agree with it or not), you will understand that it is not bad or evil.  And as always, when you learn the truth about something, you can then decide what to think for yourself.

Not all spell practitioners are Wiccan, and not all Wicca believers use spells (though many of them do).  There are spiritual workings in many world religions, including more mainstream beliefs such as Christianity (all types), Judaism, Islam, Hindu, and Buddhist.  Wiccan "magick" is often spelled with a "k" to differentiate between spiritual work versus performance magic, which has nothing to do with spirituality.  At their most basic form, spells are simply another form of prayer.  These practices, like prayer, are used to request assistance in changing the outcome of a situation, to bring spiritual guidance and help.  Calling on a higher power in order to create a desired outcome, as well as to connect with our own divine presence (the God and Goddess inside all of us), are the purposes of spellwork.

Spells are not performed for anyone unless they ask for it and/or give their permission.  Love spells, curses, and other spells which directly affect other people are considered to be underhanded and dishonest.  If it goes against another person's free will, it is an abuse of power, and should not be done.  Any spell which is used to manipulate or control someone else is forbidden under the Wiccan Rede, which explicitly says to "harm none."  There is also the Threefold Law to take into consideration, which simply states that any action that is taken which affects others will come back threefold, be it for good or bad.  Therefore, people who practice Wicca believe that not only is manipulating through spells (as well as treating other badly in general) going to come back and bite you where it counts, it's also forbidden to hurt others because it just isn't nice.  Plainly stated, Wiccans generally consider themselves to be "good witches," not bad ones.

Spells which are meant to bring out abundance and positive changes are said to have more power when done during waxing phases of the moon.  These are the types of spells which are cast for better luck, fertility, and protection.  Casting when your mood is positive is imperative.  If you're feeling negative or unsure of your abilities, it may affect your spellwork.

Banishing spells -- those are often spells which are used to get rid of something, such as bad luck or other unwanted elements in your life, are best done during the moon's waning phases.  Again, a confident, positive approach is always best.

Purification is often done with the lighting of incense, the sprinkling of water, and the casting of salt -- these actions are found in cultures throughout the world, including other religions.  Have you ever sprinkled salt over your shoulder?  Used incense or holy water in church?  These are not coincidences; items such as these are renowned the world over for their transformative properties.

Most people purify their spaces before committing any type of spiritual work or spell in order to keep the space and their work happy and benevolent.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Blue Aura Color Meaning

Historically, blue has always been considered a cooling and soothing color.  In auric traditions, this point of view is no different.  Blue is considered the coolest and most peaceful color in the auric spectrum.  It corresponds primarily to the element of water, with a nod toward air.  It also corresponds to the Throat chakra, and is a peaceful and healing color.

Those people with blue auras are naturally peaceful and peace-loving people.  They are often calm and wise, with an insight of someone well beyond their years. They are often very sensitive to the feelings of those around them, with a heightened awareness of physical and emotional conditions.

Turquoise is a soft blue with just a touch of green.  People with this color present in their auras are often survivors of traumatic and difficult experiences.  However, they have also learned to put their past sufferings in proportion and have moved on with their lives, learning lessons and often interested in counselling others to heal as well.

A sky blue aura indicates a deep sensitivity of one's surroundings, and a great deal of wisdom. These are our philosophers and deep thinkers.

Periwinkle blue is not often seen in auras, but like the sky blue type, these are sensitive souls.  People with an aura which is periwinkle often have better instincts with people than their sky-blue counterparts.

Cobalt is a lovely, bold, true blue.  The cobalt aura's sensitivity is on a more practical level than the skies and periwinkles of the world, but make no mistake, they know what's going on.  Cobalt aura bearers are often intelligent and very logical.

Royal blue is a deep, dark blue.  An aura of this color tends to be around people whose natural instincts are leading them in the best possible direction.  Some royal aura bearers tend to be plagued with misfortune, but their common sense and their abilities to make strong connections with others, will often help their transition through difficult situations become much easier.

Navy (or "velvet blue" if you drive a Kia!) is one of the safest and most stable aura colors in existence.  These people are practical, but sensitive to the conditions around them.  Navy blue aura bearers are often trustworthy and sane, yet slow-but-steady in their methods.  Rely on a navy blue aura bearer, and you won't go wrong.

Midnight has the sane practicality of a navy blue aura, but also has just the faintest hint of green within it.  This indicates a deep soul with a strong urge to use his or her gifts to help other people.  Midnight blue sensitivity can run very high.  These are loving souls.

Indigo is like a midnight blue with a purple tinge to it.  Like those on the purple spectrum, these aura bearers have a sensitivity so deep that they also often demonstrate psychic tendencies.  They also have the sensitivity and peace of a blue aura bearer as well.  However, for all of their wisdom, they can often be short-sighted or having trouble taking other people's feelings into account.  Try some aura polishing techniques if you need a little enlightenment.

A blue aura can mean so many different things!  Even aura patterns can help you determine how best to address your strengths and weaknesses.  Do what feels right for you!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Healing Tips For a Broken Heart

Each and every person in the world is unique.  We all come from different places and have endured different experiences throughout our lives.  However, there is one thing that will always unite people with one another, and that is that we all have feelings and emotions.  At one time or another, we have all experienced loss.  Just about everyone knows what it feels like to suffer from a broken heart.

Love is the most powerful force on Earth.  Sure, you can argue that other feelings are more important, and indeed they all play their own roles in our time here.  However, love is truly the tie than binds us to one another.  When we experience the loss of that love through a breakup, a death, or some other unforseen circumstance, the pain can be so intense that we feel as if we may never recover from that loss.  While it's true that you may never again be the same after this experience, there are ways to heal and to move on with your life.

The first step is to understand that love will often change our perception of the way that things are.  I'm not saying that your relationship has distorted your view on reality, but perhaps the bond that you shared with someone else may not have been as strong as you previously thought.  It may have been other feelings mingled in with that love -- dependency, comfort, sexual passion, a shared commitment towards your family, or any number of other life changes.  Most relationships will end sooner or later; love does not always last.  If you experienced a breakup, then naturally there were problems on your end, on the other end, or both.  Focusing on the reasons that the relationship ended will give you a new sense of perspective and acceptance.  From this, the healing can begin.

Your heart may feel as though the emotional wounds might never heal.  However, you must understand that with time, the hurt and the sorrow that you are experiencing will subside.  As I said before, you will not be the same person.  But you will definitely grow stronger from the experience, and as time goes by, you will begin to heal and feel more like your regular self again.  Give yourself the time to grieve.  If you're sad, acknowledge those feelings -- don't just stuff them inside.  Express them.  Feel them.  Yes, it will be painful.  However, being able to acknowledge the hurt and the despair in the wake of this loss is a vital part of the grieving process. 

The most important part of this process is to always keep in mind that with each passing day, you are healing more and more.  Just like a physical wound, it will hurt just a little less every day.  And, like a bodily ailment, you need to nourish yourself with the things that are needed to help the healing process -- and to avoid things which are bad for you.

The funny thing about a broken heart is that you won't always feel like it's broken. There will be times when you feel sad, no doubt, but there will also be times that you feel guilty, angry or even relieved. But, until you are completely over your former partner, you can be sure that there is some heart break playing a role in your emotions. So, how do you go about mending a broken heart?

To be blunt, you need to confront the problem. While you may be able to take temporary comfort in denial, it will only delay things from getting better. You have to be completely honest with yourself and how you feel.

Being honest is the only way you will be able to work things out. It won't be easy, but you need to figure out why you feel so heartbroken. Do you feel betrayed by your ex? Do you feel you betrayed them? Was there a death? Were they unfaithful? Do you feel guilty? Do you think you could have done more? Do you think you did all you could, and just can't understand why you broke up anyway? Whatever it is, identifying the real problem is the key to solving it.

Once you have figured out what the root of your broken heart is, you can fix it. For example, if you're feeling guilty, then you need to forgive yourself. But if it was something your partner did, then you need to forgive them. You have to be willing to do whatever it is that needs to be done.

You also need to be realistic about mending a broken heart. Because it isn't always easy, you may not be able to do it on your own. If you find you're just not getting any better, then it may be time to seek help from a counselor...again, whatever it takes. Give it time and face it head on, and you will be feeling better before you know it.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Prayer With The Great Invocation

Earlier this year, I requested prayer and positive energy for the ability to find a new place to live. Surprisingly,  one of the caring folks who replied to my request was author and esoteric scholar Starling David Hunter, who sent me this beautiful prayer that I'd like to share with all of you. "I use it daily," he noted. The imagery is very illuminating and uplifting. Try it!

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Master knows and serves.

From the center which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.


For more information about this invocation, including history and other verses, feel free to check the World Service Group website.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Green Aura and Its Meanings

Green is one of cooler and more soothing colors within the aura spectrum.  This hue corresponds to the elements of earth and water.  Green corresponds to the Heart chakra, and is a peaceful and healing color.

People with green auras, in whole or in part, are natural healers.  They often derive great joy from helping others, and they're usually very good at it as well.  Most shades tend toward peaceful and relaxed behavior, with just a spark of inspiration and positivity to balance things.

The mint green aura tends to be found in very spiritual people.  Clergy or those who live their lives as pacifists tend to have this color present somewhere in their auric composition.  They seek spiritual advancement as part of their overall growth.

Apple green -- like a Granny Smith apple -- may seem like a sour, strong color in the physical world.  But when it comes to auric colors, this shade is actually a quintessential healer color.  You will find this in people in the medical profession, as well as caring and nurturing people.

Lime green aura bearers can be difficult to handle.  Because of the high yellow content in this color, they have the ability (like many yellow aura folks) to manipulate or take advantage of other people.  However, the green spark gives them the ability to get away with it more often than not; the healing properties of green will also "reverse" onto themselves, reducing their guilt about deception against others.  Aura colors can be changed, but yellow-based shades are often very reluctant or unable to change.  Proceed with caution.

Shimmering green auras are amazing to behold.  Those with this aura tend to be social butterflies, loving nothing more than to be in the company of others.  They enjoy the limelight; being the center of attention is their idea of heaven.  Generally they mean well enough, and are fascinating communicators and story tellers.

Emerald green auras are often seen in people who have experienced a lot of turmoil in life, and who have finally relaxed enough to close the door on those problems and move on with their life.  They are often only too happy to lend their counsel to other people in similar situations.

Aquamarine auras generally come before an emerald green aura has the chance to develop.  This person may still be experiencing trauma or stress, but is just beginning to come to terms with those issues.  They often turn to other people in trouble, or others who are in need of help, as a form of escapism of their own issues. However, the clouds in their lives are "clearing," and offering help to other people is actually a healthy and therapeutic thing to do -- provided that they don't escape into other people permanently!

Dark or muddy greens, such as olive green, can indicate a slow and sluggish thought process, especially where other people's wellbeing is concerned.  There is also a tendency toward stinginess and selfishness, as well as a conservative nature that is so deeply ingrained that it becomes detrimental instead of merely cautious.  Try some aura polishing techniques if you need help.

Other deep green shades indicate positivity, benevolent and caring personalities, as well as healing tendencies.   Green aura bearers have a strong connection with the earth and with other people.  These are the types of people who make excellent friends and caring partners.

A green aura can mean many things depending on the shade, so find the one that works best for you.  Every aura is different, and different things may work for various aura colors and aura patterns. Go with your instincts!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Magickal & Healing Properties of Amber

Amber is a type of stone with usually has a rich, honey brown shade.  However, it is occasionally seen in shades of green, or even some types tinged with blue or red.  This stone is actually a fossil, made from petrified tree resin.  Amber has electromagnetic properties as well; if you rub a piece of amber with a soft cloth, it will build up static electricity and lightweight objects will be able to stick to it.  Amber originates from places such as Eastern and Mediterranean Europe, Mexico, and parts of South America.

Because of its electromagnetic properties, amber has some interesting abilities.  It's great for purging the body of impurities, protecting from radioactive waves or energy from electronics, sunlight, and energy that emanates from other people.

Amber comes from trees and plants, so this connection with the earth gives it a wonderful association with nature and the earth element.  This makes amber a great choice for grounding, and for attuning with the natural elements around us.  It can also promote mental and emotional stability and help fight depression, even in its stronger forms.  Amber helps to promote positivity and a healthier outlook on life.  It can also help someone adjust to new situations and to weather changes well.

Not only does amber promote mental and emotional health, but also promote healthier brain activity.  Amber's powers may be utilized to protect the user from "brain fog" and for those who lack clarity.   It can be used for enhancing memory, logic, and powers of concentration and creativity as well.

Amber has also been thought to help ease pain in the solar plexus area, to enhance the strength of one's liver, gall bladder, and stomach.   It also can be effective to lessen labor pains when its user is about to give birth.  Some superstitions also claim that it can alleviate headaches, fever, dental pain, nose bleeds, sore throats, and bone or joint ailments such as rheumatism and arthritis.

Feng Shui lore states that, when placed in the northeastern area of a home, it can help to promote wisdom and self-improvement.  If it's placed in the southwest, it can help fill the home with love and positivity.

Amber is a great stone to have in your crystal repertoire for its versatility, its beauty, and its power.  Enjoy the benefits of amber whenever you're in need of a strong helping hand to get you through whatever challenges you may face.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pizza Magick!

 If you've never tried to manifest positivity before, here's a great magickal practice for the beginner.  It's also great for the seasoned practicioner!

You can use your favorite "pizza kit" mix, or get yourself (1) some pizza dough, (2) tomato sauce*, (3) cheese*, as well as the ingredients below... choose one for each element, or pick your ideal toppings based on your spell's goal.

Make according to directions, or just assemble in the common sense method (spread the dough onto oiled pizza pan, add some sauce and cheese).

Add ingredients from the list below, ideally one of each element. You can add them under the cheese, or on top of it. I like to arrange toppings in mystical shapes, such as my birth sign, the moon or other planetary symbols, even a simple plus sign will be good for imparting positive energies. You can even spell out words, like LOVE or HELP to help manifest your needs.

GARLIC/ONIONS - Banishes evil, protects the user from negativity
BASIL - Soothes anger, promotes love, stimulates Heart/Sacral chakras
POULTRY - Divination, also good for "cyclical" and spiritual repair magick.
MEAT - Male magick, enlightenment, vigor

ARTICHOKE - Personal growth, protection from negative energies
OLIVES - Spiritual awakenings, to help make decisions & reach goals
PARSLEY - Protection against accidents, mood enhancement
SAGE - Activates Throat chakra, healing energy, promotes creativity

BROCCOLI - Increased physical strength & confidence
EGGS - Feminine magick, fertility
FISH (any type) - Male & female fertility magick, sacred powers of the subconscious
TOMATOES - Love magick, repel negative energies

MUSHROOMS - For strength, courage, and to reveal hidden things
POTATOES - Primal calming energy, great for materialization magick, absorbs negativity
SQUASH/ZUCCHINI - Banishes evil and promotes awareness/clarity
CORN - For prosperity, abuncance, and friendship

 As you eat your pizza, imagine your goals manifesting.  Take the positivity into yourself and feel yourself become nourished and stronger in body and soul.  Enjoy your magickal pizza!

*Note:  You don't need tomato-based sauce or dairy-based cheese to make this pizza.  If you're vegan or have other dietary restrictions, do whatever works best for your body.  There are lots of options for all dietary needs.

Photo credit:  I got the original from  PD Photo and turned it into a heart. :)

Friday, August 31, 2012

About Spells, Hexes, & Curses

Since ancient times, even the most primitive people have had spiritual beliefs.  Sometimes, the spiritual customs of a people would be called wishes, prayers, even spells, hexes, or curses.

Of Spells...

A spell is basically the same as a wish or a prayer.  Basic magickal workings involve rituals of some type.  Most of these involve the spoken word.  Words are thought to be manifestations of thoughts, which may in turn bring about desired deeds or tangible manifestations, whether good or ill.  Words and prayers hold power within them, as any religious officiant can tell you.

Physical rituals can be combined with these words to add a dramatic flair or to specify to the universe more information about the desired outcome.  This type of ritual is called "sympathetic magick."  However, rituals needn't be this complicated.  A few spoken words, a few moments of meditation, even a hand gesture or two may be considered enough for a ritual to be effective. 

When a magickal ritual was considered effective, the actions which were taken to bring about the desired outcome would be written down or recorded in some way, so that they could be used in the future.  And in this way, the practitioner's Book of Shadows was born. 

Ancient Egypt is one of the best examples of the early recording of spellwork.  Rituals were written, complete with ingredients and directions about how to intone any specific words which were used.  Here is an example of an ancient Egyptian spell that was used in order to counteract or to protect against food poisoning:

O Sakhmet of yesterday, Wadjet of today,
You have come and replenished this table of [name]
Just as you did for your father Re, when you came forth from the cult city of Pe.
Protect [name] with that papyrus wand of life which is in your hand, in that name of yours of Wadjet.
Shoot your arrow against all the food of him who shall speak against [name] by means of any evil matters. Let a slaughter be made of them, like that time when you overpowered the enemies of Re in the primordial age, in that name of yours of Sakhmet.
Your offerings belong to [name]
He is Re from whom you came forth.
So long as he exists, you will exist, and vice versa!

Of Hexes...

A spell is said to stay enforced until it the power is specifically neutralized or cut off, either through the original spellcaster, or through another who works to neutralize negative energy.  It can also dissipate naturally if the practitioner does not continue to supply the energy or direction.  Spells and hexes will fizzle out over time if they are not reinforced.  Naturally, strong belief in this magick is a key component to its effectiveness.

Hexes are also known as curses.  As with spells, hexes are also thoughts, words, or rituals -- or a combination of all three -- which are expressed or used for a specific outcome.  Hexes, unlike spells, are always the projection of negative energy including hate, fear, jealousy, or any other destructive, negative emotion or intention.  The more energy that is gathered and directed toward a spell or a hex, the more power it is said to have.

Belief is also a necessary component of this type of magick as well.  Fear or uncertainty, whether conscious or unconscious, can intensify the ill effects for the recipient of such a spell. 

It is also a said that negative energy acts like a magnet, attracting more negative energy to the one who has cast the hex.  Therefore, you must be extremely careful when you choose to work this type of dark magick, as it will almost certainly backfire and wind up hurting you even more than the person against whom you are casting.  When at all possible, choose to cast benevolent and loving spells rather than vengeful or harmful hexes. 

Egyptian Spell Source: Univ of Chicago

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What Does a Yellow Aura Mean?

Yellow is a bright, warm color within the aura spectrum.  This hue corresponds to the elements of air as well as earth, with a nod towards fire.  Yellow corresponds to the Solar Plexus chakra, and is a versatile and uplifting color.  Yellow aura bearers tend to be dreamers, and they often dream big.  Those who possess this auric shade can often enlighten and uplift those around them with their positivity and genuine interest in helping other people.  However, don't let this uplifting shade fool you; there is a "dark side" to the yellow aura as well.  While there is a tendency to cheerfulness and helpfulness, there is also a talent for glibness, and in some people, the ability to maniplulate and take advantage.  This auric presence is truly a unique one.

Pastel yellow, contrary to many of its yellow-hued cousins, is actually found in the auras of shy, introverted people.  While the concern for others and clarity of thought are present, the people skills aren't always there.  This person would do well to try coming out of his or her shell to deepen their yellow aura hue a bit.

Maize yellow, which is another pale shade of yellow resembling uncooked corn, can also indicate introverted tendencies.  However, this aura bearer is not nervous or shy; they are simply unaware of others' feelings or presences.  This shade is often found in daydreamers or "clueless" types of people.  The maize aura is not necessarily bad, but is often a work in progress, and thus is more likely to be seen in younger people -- or in older folks who haven't quite grown up!

Sunshine yellow (think of Big Bird!) is a tremendously positive and confident representation of the yellow aura.  The sunshine aura bearer's enthusiasm and enjoyment of life is contagious to all those around him or her.

Lemon yellow
is a deeper shade than sunshine.  While some see this shade as an indication of shaky confidence and a perpetual fear of loss, it is also important to realize that lemon yellow auras can also reflect a tremendous inner strength which can override these fears if the bearer possesses enough tenacity.  If other colors are present in the aura, especially reds, browns, or blues, this fear and worry can be offset by practicality or self-soothing capabilities.

Goldenrod is a dustier, dimmer yellow which tends less in the direction of outward chipper tendencies, and into a more calm and inspirational ability.  These people can charm and motivate with their natural charisma, but must be wary of a tendency to take advantage of others.  Look for other aura colors to help strike a balance.

Mustard yellow is a more intense version of the goldenrod aura.  However, these people will often manipulate or control other people, usually without realizing that they're doing it.  Be careful of someone with a mustard aura -- they are not beyond help, but it's not easy for a yellow aura bearer to change, and even tougher to come to the realization that they need to change.  Try some aura polishing techniques if you need a positive change.  Every aura is different, and different things may work for various aura colors and aura patterns.  Do what feels right for you!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Crystal Grids and More Layouts for Healing & Cleansing

Regardless of whether your actions are positive or negative, the theory of Karma will keep you responsible for your behavior.  Whatever you live and present to the universe is the same energy that you will come to receive in return.  Often, we carry our karma with us from lifetime to lifetime.  At times, it may be necessary to heal the damage from the past which is carried over into the present life.

Crystals can play a part in the healing and purification of this damage.  As your karma is repaired, you will be more able to move on with your current life in a more positive and meaningful way.  

To utilize crystals in this way, hold your favorite cleansing gemstones with your fingers or lay them against your "third eye" in the middle of your forehead -- this is your sixth chakra, the brow chakra, which deals with our natural intuition. Lay these crystals in the desired position around your third eye, and allow them to cleans and purify the area.  This can help to reduce or even eliminate stagnation or congested energy, making way for the fresh and vibrant stuff which is waiting to cross over.

You can also use what is called a "crystal grid" for a purifying ritual.  This is just a technical term for any type of arrangement of crystals.  If you place multiple stones on yourself, your meditation space, or another person for healing in any shape that you desire, it can be referred to as a crystal grid.

The best shapes to use are religious and spiritual shapes that are meaningful to you.  Try a cross, a star of David, a pentacle, crescent moon, or other mystical symbols that represent your higher power.  If you'd rather not use a religious symbol, try using other shapes that are positive and promote healing -- for example, hearts, stars, a peace sign, or even a smiley face.  Some crystal aficianados will say that there are specific rules and symbols that will be more powerful than others, but my personal feeling is that you will never be steered wrong by your own intuition.  Choose the shapes that are meaningful to you.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I've Been Waiting for You

I've Been Waiting For You is a slice of grunge-era 1990s horror cinema that's just plain fun!  Sarah Zoltanne, a boho hippie chick (played by the stunning Sarah Chalke) moves from California to a sleepy New England town, where she must contend with a teen clique's suspicion due to an ancient curse which was put on their families.  The curse, cast by a witch named Sarah Lancaster, promised to exact revenge on her accusers' descendants, which all just happened to be the cool, popular kids at school.  The kids befriend Sarah in a way that goes hopelessly wrong when they find out that the fake "psychic readings" she does at a Halloween party turn out to be real.  One by one, the kids fall prey to witch's curse, and when Sarah Zoltanne is accused of being the witch reincarnated, she gets caught in the middle of the drama.  Of course, there is a spooky plot twist at the end, but you'll have to see it for yourself.

This move was based on a 1997 young adult book called Gallows Hill which was written by Lois Duncan. While the book was a framework for this move, there were tons of changes.  For example, in the original novel, the curse was placed on the families by a group of people accused of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts; several of the real victims of false accusations were referenced in the book.  In the movie, the historical bit about the Salem witch trials were omitted completely; instead, the curse was placed by a townswoman who'd been the spurned lover of one of the teens' ancestors.  Additionally, the book had a much neater, happier ending (if you could call it that).  Personally, I enjoyed the campy horror and the artistic license which was taken by the movie creators much more.  While the movie does have some scenes which may be somewhat frightening to younger kids, I'd say that most kids over eleven or twelve would probably be just fine watching this fun film.

This movie usually plays during the Halloween season, but can occasionally be seen on Lifetime Movie Network on a regular basis.  Check Lifetime's I've Been Waiting For You official site to see when this movie airs next!

Thanks to Jason Pier in DC for sharing his photo under Creative Commons!  Public domain elements have been added to the original. :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dealing With a Narcissist?

This is a term that we tend to throw around casually in ordinary conversation.  Most of us know that a narcissist is a needy, self-absorbed person who often uses others for his or her own ends.  But do you know the criteria for true narcissism?  Check the list below and see which of the following qualities fits the profile of the person on your mind.  If you can answer "yes" to 5 or more of the following, then chances are good that your subject may very well be a narcissist.  In the past, the going rate for narcissism was about 11% of the population.  However, some reports (such as this one and this one) state that the rise of narcissism is something of a new epidemic, with numbers as high as 30% among the younger population.  Interestingly enough, this narcissism isn't a good predictor of life success -- in fact, people with empathy and the ability to focus on others are often much more successful in life than their narcissistic counterparts.

The DSM-IV Diagnostic Criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder...

A pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, lack of empathy, as indicated by at least five of the following:
1. a grandiose sense of self-importance
2. is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
3. believes that he or she is “special” and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
4. requires excessive admiration
5. has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations
6. is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
7. lacks empathy and is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
8. is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her
9. shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why Didn't My Love Spell Work?

Spells are essentially prayers or wishes. There are as many spells in existence as there are goals, wishes, and desires. Some of the more common desires that people do spellwork for involve finaces or health, but the most popular spell out there is still the old-fashioned love spell. Many folks swear by their own spellwork, or that of someone else. However, there are still some people out there who may try a hand at spellwork without yielding the desired results.

Why, then, do some spells work perfectly, while others fizzle and fail entirely?  There are many reasons why your spell may not have been so effective.

To understand the most basic reason, you must first understand what spellwork is.  In its most basic definition, spellwork is about concentrating your spiritual energy and focusing it on a particular goal.  Just like a prayer or a wish, a spell requires focus and concentration.   If you are unable to devote the right amount of focus to your spellwork, then its efficacy of the spell will be compromised.  Concentration and focus are vital when doing any sort of spellwork.

Another issue in the effectiveness of one's spells is the materials which are being used.  It is important to try following each instruction as carefully as possible, and to supply the right ingredients for each spell.  In some cases, you may not have the access to every ingredient that is requested in the spell you are using.  Sometimes certain articles can be substituted, and sometimes not.  It also depends on the practitioner; what works really well for one person might not work as well for another.  You need to learn what works for you.

It is also important to understand that someone who is new to spellwork will not have the same results as a seasoned practicioner.  Newbies might feel that casting a spell for personal gain might be an easy shortcut to getting what they want.  However, simply downloading a spell from the internet and following the instructions is not always going to be sufficient.  Experience can help even a weak spell have more powerful results.  If you're not that experienced with spells and you haven't gotten the results that you're seeking, don't give up.  The experience that you gain from your failures will help you to learn what works for you, as well as what doesn't.

Negative energy can also make even the most well-intentioned spell fizzle instead of sizzle.  If you are unable to believe in your own abilities, then why would the universe take this spell seriously?  Faith is a key ingredient to productive spellwork.  Having negativity surround you can also have a serious impact on the efficacy of your spiritual workings as well.  Make sure you keep positive and supportive people around you during this time.  If your spell is to get rid of negative energy, such as in a cleansing spell, you must try your hardest to have faith that the work will be productive.

Patience is also a vital component to successful spellwork.  Some people will do spells, expecting miraculous overnight results.  While this may be the case in movies or books, real magickal work takes time to manifest your desired outcome.  In fact, sometimes it can take years!  If something is worth all of the trouble of concentration, positivity, diligence, and faith, it is also worth the patience to see this situation play out to the end.  Sometimes, you don't get exactly what you'd expected; in time, you will get what is best for you, which in many cases can surpass even your most ardent wishes and expectations.  Help the universe to answer your request by working toward this goal as best as you can, while being open-minded and patient.  The results can be well worth it.

The bottom line about spellwork is that it's complicated.  Every person's ability is different, and as with most things in life, your results will vary.  However, you are likely to see more results when you make the effort and be persistent.  Keep trying, and you may see wonderful things develop!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Aura Patterns and You

The auras of most people can be broken down into one of four categories -- yours may be part of one, or several at once.  Auras are as distinct as the people who possess them, and every single one is different!

1.  Glowing auras.  These tend to be one or two basic colors, or shades of the same color throughout the aura.  There may be large or small spots of a contrasting color interspersed throughout the background.  This aura seems to glow and simmer with a mystical, smouldering energy.  People with this type of aura tend to be passionate, creative, and are often looking for new and unusual ways to complete goals.  On the flip-side, they can often be impatient and have a tendency to jump to conclusions without having all the facts first.  The dynamic glowing aura corresponds to the element of fire signifying our creative life forces, passion, and sexuality.

2.  The smoky aura.  This one can be made up of similar shades, or completely different ones.  You will notice that it is hazy and foggy with either opaque or transparent clouds.  The colors often mix with one another and can seem rather indefinite.  Smoky aura people are often adaptable when the situation calls for it, and intelligent in their own ways (not always the conventional ones), but are prone to have trouble concentrating and focusing.  The smoky aura corresponds to the element of air, which pertains to our intellectual pursuits and higher thinking.

3.  Sparkling auras.  A sparkler tends to have one base color with tiny bits of color (or sparkles) spotting it.  This is similar to a glowing aura, though the spots are smaller, which gives it a shimmery or sparkly appearance.  People with sparkling auras tend to be very good at coping with practical problems.  They are often good at providing a stable center for those around them.  They are also persistent, and willing to work for what they feel is important.  Their negative qualities center around fear of loss or stubborrness in the face of change, but they are strong people who can weather even the toughest of storms.  Sparking auras correspond to the earth element, which has a special link to the physical and tangible.

4.  The banded aura.  Also called a striped, ribboned, or streaked aura, this pattern is an interesting one.  Streaks and bands, of varying thicknesses and directions, can be seen throughout the aura in complimentary or contrasting shades. Those who possess this pattern within their auras tend to be very emotional, nuturing, and inuitive.  Negative aspects of the banded aura include a tendency toward depression, obsession, self-absorption and worry.  The pattern itself corresponds to the element of water, which rules the emotions and inner world.

You may want to try some aura polishing techniques in order to help yourself feel better when you're in need of a change in your life.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Quick Guide to Using Gems

Since the beginning of recorded civilizations, people have been using crystals to heal and destress.  We can still get the benefits of crystal therapy today -- this is, of course, best when done in conjunction with modern medicine.

Stones of specific colors are used to help specific ailments.  For example stones which are red, orange, and yellow, are thought to produce energy vibrations.  Crystals in cooler colors, such as blues and greens, are reputed to give the user a more relaxing and peaceful effect.  Clear stones and neutral colors are frequently used for healing as well.  You can combine your favorite crystals to make a customized healing regimen just for you!

Here are a few of the most common crystals, along with their reputed abilities.  Choose which ones are right for you and give yourself a tailor-made crystal therapy treatment.

Amethysts:  Good for enhancing patience and alleviating anger or stress.

Aquamarine:  Supposed to be good for the heart, helpful with communication and beneficial for the immune system as well.

Carnelian:  This lovely red stone is just right for cleansing your system of toxins; it works well on your kidneys and circulatory system.  Carnelian is also good for emotional and physical passions, great for enhancing confidence and determination.

Citrine:  Try this one for digestive issues like heartburn or allergies to something you ate.  It's another good detox stone as well, for the intestines or bladder, as well as the liver and kidneys.  This stone is also prized for clear thinking, enhancing one's positivity and willpower.

Coral:  Helps with bone disorders, particularly that of the spine.  It can also help speed up muscle and tissue repair.  Coral is also great for an enhancement of already positive emotions.

Diamond:  Long prized for its beauty and durability, diamonds are said to help reproductive issues.  A diamond can also make you seem more trustworthy to those who are suspicious of others.  They can enhance clarity of thought and also help you strengthen positivity (yours and others').

Emerald:  Wonderful for the lungs and other respiratory functions.  Also a good choice to help you relax and rest, as well as to lessen female complaints.

Jade:  For general longevity, as well as a spiritual and emotional stabilizer.  Jade can also help with the memory and knowledge retention.  It is also reputed to be an abundance stone.

Lapis:  Another great de-stressor that also promotes learning and creative tendencies while reducing fear and anxiety.  This is especially good for people with social anxiety, insomnia, or those who are seeking to expand their intuitive abilities.

Malachite:  This one tames a multitude of beasts; it's a wonderful choice to block or neutralize anger, negativity, or sadness.  It can also put out the fires of inflammatory pain.

Ruby:  Where there are blood disorders, seek a ruby to alleviate them -- enhances the circulatory system, helps blood clots or women's monthly cycles.

Sapphires:  Another great calming and "dreamy" stone to help you become more intuitive.  They can also help inflammation and fevers.

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