Monday, December 31, 2012

Of Spellwork: Ingredients, Incantations, & Gestures

Spellcasting, like any type of task, can take on different styles and forms, which largely depend on the spellcaster.  While there are many ingredients and directions to be followed, there is always room for variation. 

Spells largely consist of instructions which specify the actions, gestures, spoken or written words, and important items to use during casting.  Any spell that involves the written or spoken word requires that you write or speak clearly and legibly.  Some will require shouting, whispering, or just speaking -- in any event, do these things as firmly and with as much conviction as possible.  And don't forget to enunciate; remember what happened to Harry Potter the first time he tried going to Diagon Alley through the chimney!

Gestures may be equally important.  Strive to be as accurate as possible with these gestures.

Ingredients are another vital part of spellwork.  Try to get the best ingredients you can manage.  If there's something rare or time-sensitive that is difficult to acquire, a substitution may be allowed.  You can check online or in your spellbooks for the appropriate correspondences.  Many, if not most, ingredients should only be used once and not "recycled" for other spells.  However, in my opinion, some are fine to use over and over again.  For example, if you have a cleansing spell that requires a white candle, there is no reason you can't reuse the candle in your future magickal workings.  Just cleanse the item appropriately when you're finished, and re-consecrate it in the future.  The same goes for things like crystals, cloth items, and essential oils; you can always cleanse and re-program them.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 2012 Client Update :)

Happy holidays to all of my customers who are celebrating this season!
Merry Christmas * Happy Chanukah *
Blessed Yule * Joyous Kwanzaa * Happy Festivus! ;)

... And of course, have a Happy New Year!!!

Many of you know that I've cut way back on my Keen time this year, due to some health issues and relocating, which has put a big ole split in my available time.  However, this month I've been working hard to make myself available.  And I will continue to do so throughout 2013 as well, so we can talk more. :)

This year, I look forward to helping all of you in continuing on your life paths.  Together, we can produce more happiness, more satisfaction out of life, better relationships with those who mean the most to us, and more positivity to share with the world! :)  2013 is going to be awesome indeed!  Come along with me along my journey, won't you?

I'm enclosing some free minutes for all of my Keen friends.  Feel free to pop onto the phone if you see me available, or click to chat whenever you see me.
I will also be unveiling some NEW and powerful services this year, so stay tuned!

Here's wishing everyone a happy, healthy, safe & satisfying holiday...
... and an even better 2013 ahead!
I thank ALL of YOU for sharing with me... YOU are the reason I'm on Keen...
I care about each and every one of you, and am so thankful you chose to seek my advice!

Lots of love to each and every one of you!
  @}-,-`-.   ~ Sage ~   .-`-,-{@  

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P.S.  I don't send updates too often because I hate bugging people.  So if you'd rather not receive free minutes or updates, please write me back and request to be transferred to my "NO PROMOTIONS" list, instead of just blocking.  I will be sure to keep your inbox peaceful & quiet!  :)  Thanks! :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Brown Aura Color and Its Meanings

Brown is a deep, tranquil, and earthy hue within the auric spectrum. It is generally thought to be a combination of darkest orange, with a bit of green or blue energy thrown in for good measure.  Corresponding to the earth, it is a color of practicality, warmth, and persistence.

People with a brown aura, regardless of the shade of brown represented or the amount of within the aura, tend to be very businesslike and careful, but nurturing and generally interested in helping others. They are often very brave, and wonderful team players. On the negative side, however, despite their best or most loving intentions, brown aura individuals may have control issues or anxiety.  Brown aura bearers can also be of delicate constitution, needing extra time to charge their emotional batteries.

Light brown auras are a good example of the caring nurturer with a practical approach to solving problems.  The lighter color may indicate that the aura bearer is running out of energy, or is coming to the end of a major issue in his or her life.

Tan, like light brown, also symbolizes a depleted sense of energy.  However, a tan aura bearer tends to be less focused on feelings and emotions, and more concerned with logic and facts in order to achieve goals.

Greyish brown (mushroom color) is another shade that shows a deficiency in personal energy.  Brown aura bearers tend to deplete themselves quickly, so they need to take extra energy.  This shade indicates a slower and more careful thought process, in an attempt to pace him- or herself.  Try some aura polishing techniques if you need a positive change.

Chocolate is a common shade for the environmentally conscious, outdoorsy type of person.  This person can recharge those batteries by connecting with the earth, plants and animals.

Rusty brown can be indicative of a tough-as-nails, persistent person who will fight through anything to achieve his or her goals.  The addition of a red essence in this shade boosts the aura bearer's natural "brown" tendency to fade quickly.  There is an aggression here that can be channeled positively.

Reddish-clay brown aura bearers show persistence and grace under pressure, as well as a pioneering spirit and an unconventional nature.  However, there is also the tendency for a short temper or stubbornness to rear an ugly head occasionally.

Espresso brown is a calm, quiet shade that gives its bearer a simple elegance and a lot of common sense.  There may not be too many original ideas coming from this bearer, however the logic of such an individual is quite valuable when processing or improving upon ideas from other sources.

The next time that you wonder what a brown aura means, you only have to look inward.  Each aura is unique,  and aura patterns can contain many different shades of brown.  Do what feels right for you!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

20 Awesome Tips for Surviving a Bad Breakup

1.  Remove the temptation of easy access.  Delete his or her number from your phone, block 'em on Facebook, get rid of old emails.  Unless you work together or share children, there is really no need to initiate further contact.  (If there was no major betrayal before the breakup, you may wish to maintain the friendship; in this case, just lay low for awhile and get some emotional distance.)
2.  Do not keep tabs on your ex.  This means no Facebook stalking (covertly or otherwise), no asking around, no driving past his or her house.  If it's over, it's over.  Let them wonder what you're doing or whom you're with now, but resist the temptation to keep that wound fresh.

3.  Let it out.  Write all your feelings in a notebook, a personal blog or journal, anywhere that you can vent and detox those negative feelings.

4.  Decide that, since you have now detoxed, to turn over a new leaf.  Think of this as a positive opportunity to make a fresh start, and adopt a positive attitude.

5.  Take care of yourself.  Eat healthy, exercise, and generally treat yourself well.  This is especially true if you were with someone who was not terribly concerned with your physical or emotional well-being.  When you take responsibility of your own well-being, you're taking control of your life.

6.  When you're feeling down on yourself, try thinking of all your positive qualities.  Make a list if you have to, in order to refer to it for future falterings.

7.  While you're in the habit of making lists, try making another one of all the reasons you're better off NOT in the relationship that you used to be.  If your former partner was annoying, unsupportive, selfish, or boring... write it down.  Absorb it, realize that the end of the relationship is a positive thing, and move on.

8.  Socialize with friends.  Call people that you haven't spoken to in a long while.  Re-establish touch with long lost friends, and enjoy reconnecting with those who love you.

9.  Pursue new interests, or revive much-beloved older ones.

10.  Take the focus off of yourself.  Realize that other people have issues too; do something wonderful for another person, and enjoy the glow that comes along with it.

11.  Pleasure yourself physically. 'Nuff said.

12.  Make changes to your apprearance.  Yes, it can be a bit of a cliche, but the truth is that seeing a cool new you in the mirror can help to alter your own perception of yourself.  Change your hair, try a new fashion style, get your most trusted cohorts together and devise an interesting new look for yourself.

13.  Change your surroundings.  You may not be in the position to move, but sometimes when you feel down in the dumps, and everything reminds you of your ex, you want to switch things around.  Move the furniture, paint the walls.  Burn some sage and detoxify your space.  If you're not interested in switching around your space, even a good thorough cleaning can make you feel fantastic.

14.  Throw yourself into your work for awhile.  Don't become a workaholic, though!

15.  When you're ready to see new people, try dating.  Keep in mind that "rebounds" usually don't work out, so don't go hunting for a new relationship right away.  Just enjoy socializing, flirting, and meeting new and interesting (or not-so-interesting!) people.

16.  Make new friends.

17.  Find enjoyment in solitary activities like reading, video games, or just walking through your city and seeing the sights.

18.  If your ex dumped you for someone else or was a particularly big jerk, think about the next person they end up with.  Instead of feeling jealous or tearing them down, realize how being with the ex totally sucks.  Feel simultaneously sorry for the "latest victim," and relieved that your ex is no longer your problem.

19.  Truly evolved people never stop growing, changing, and learning.  Try filling your mind with new information and perceptions.  Expanding your mind will expand every part of your life.

20.  Love yourself and love others.

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