Monday, April 28, 2014

Wishing for a Spiritual Awakening

You must also try to keep your potential awakening in the proper perspective.  The common perception of a stereotypical spiritual experience is a magical, mystical transformation that occurs inside of us.  However, this experience is not one that will simply happen out of nowhere.  In order to embark on the spiritual path, you open your mind and your heart to the deity of your choice (or even just to the power of the universe).  You need to be willing to bare and share your soul with this higher power, and to become accepting that there are larger forces in the universe than simply our own wills.  As powerful as we are, and as much as change must begin inside us, we also need to become attuned to the energies of the universe.  It is the desire to change our lives, to prepare to step into the unknown, and to do it by ourselves which will put us in the right direction.  While change does come from within, most of us are unwilling to change our lives under normal, comfortable circumstances.  It is only when change is absolutely necessary that we are most likely to make it.  For example, we may suffer for years in a relationship that makes us unhappy, but we may be comfortable there; or, perhaps we toil away for a long time with a job that we hate.  We may stay in these negative patterns because, while unpleasant, are comfortable and familiar.  But if we should be dumped by the other person, or fired from our job, we are then forced to open our eyes and make a change.  Spirituality does not work that way; the desire must fuel the action.

Friday, April 25, 2014

"You can get through anything if you stay put in today."

Writer Regina Brett's life lessons are great little nuggets of wisdom. There's something for everyone! I'll be reflecting on this week's lesson: "You can get through anything if you stay put in today."

An old adage that is commonly used in time of stress or discord is "one day at a time."  Each day will bring you joy and sorrow, sweet and bitter.  Make the most of every day of your life, and those moments which are good and bad.  When a problem comes up, or you become immersed in crisis, the temptation to run away from the problem is great.  Ignoring or checking out when things get tough can be a seductive and tempting option indeed.  But, instead of simply shutting down or running away, you are best served to deal with your discord head-on.  By staying firmly grounded in the issues which are in front of you, you will be able to deal with them and to move on with your life -- in peace and fulfillment.

Visit Regina's website here.

Brown Aura

One of the most popular colors of aura bearers everywhere is brown -- and brown auras can come in all shades from the darkest chocolate brown, all the way up to pale, light tans and khakis.

Brown is a warm color within the auric spectrum.  It corresponds to the element of earth and to the Root Chakra and Solar Plexus (since many browns tend to be in the orange and red families).

Keywords to describe a brown aura person would be:  physical, giving, sociable, grounded, friendly, natural, practical, brave, fragile, logical.

A more in-depth analysis of what a brown aura means can be found in my previous entry here.  Many shades of this color are listed, so you can find your specific shade meaning easily. :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Free Binaural Beats to Attract Your Soulmate!

The world needs more love!  Lonely souls, meant to be together, should be joined and united as they're intended. Can the Law of Attraction help?

I've done research on binaural beats and other brain entertainment in order to share my findings with you.  I have put together a set of videos featuring soothing images and binaural beats which can help to put your mind in the right "frequency" to find your true love.  Bookmark them and use them every day when you're feeling the need to connect, or beginning to lose hope that your soulmate is coming.  Enjoy!

Ten-Fold Journey meditations into Twin Flames Reunion.
Better realized if you have seen each other at least once.

The four functions of Self,
* will
* sense
* think
* feel
relationship; Self's attributes,
* identity
* power
* awareness
* ability
and expression of Self, are listed in the first column.
The second column shows the actual choice of frequencies for the script.

A - 1. - will ------------- 9.19hz - conflict resolution
B - 2. - sense ----------- 24.027hz - Twin Flame
C - 3. - think ------------ 7.83hz - anti-mind control
D - 4. - feel ------------ 2hz - astral ear
E - 5. - relationship ----- 9hz - relationships
F - 6. - identity --------- 16.4hz - spirit
G - 7. - power ------------ 4.5hz - shamanic state of consciousness
H - 8. - awareness -------- 5.5hz - moves beyond knowledge to knowing
I - 9. - ability ---------- 8hz - past life regression
J - 0. - expression ------- 12hz - expression

The second recording plays in reverse order the previous set, with different
music, though.

J - 0. - expression ------- 12hz - expression
I - 9. - ability ---------- 8hz - past life regression
H - 8. - awareness -------- 5.5hz - moves beyond knowledge to knowing
G - 7. - power ----------- 4.5hz - shamanic state of consciousness
F - 6. - identity --------- 16.4hz - spirit
E - 5. - relationship ----- 9hz - relationships
D - 4. - feel ------------- 2hz - astral ear
C - 3. - think ------------ 7.83hz - anti-mind control
B - 2. - sense ------------ 24.027hz - Twin Flame
A - 1. - will ------------- 9.19hz - conflict resolution

Algorithmic piano music mixed with sound frequencies.

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    Friday, April 18, 2014

    "Life is too short for long pity parties. Get busy living, or get busy dying."

    Writer Regina Brett's life lessons are great little nuggets of wisdom.  There's something for everyone!  I'll be reflecting on this week's lesson:  "Life is too short for long pity parties. Get busy living, or get busy dying."

    Even people who seem to live the most charmed of lives can occasionally suffer setbacks.  They can happen to even the very best of us.  Don't bottle up your resentment or disappointment.  Feel it!  Express it, yell it, shout it from the rooftops!  (Well... just not too loudly!)  But once the crying stops, you need to calm yourself, plan your next move -- and do it.  No one can solve your problems for you. Heck, sometimes you can't even solve your own problems!  But if you don't try, nothing will ever be accomplished.  Make the commitment to actively change your life in those manageable areas, and watch the changes unfold.

    Friday, April 11, 2014

    "Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks."

    Writer Regina Brett's life lessons are great little nuggets of wisdom.  There's something for everyone!  I'll be reflecting on this week's lesson:  "Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks."

    Life throws us all so many twists and turns.  Changes are often so hard to deal with that it can overwhelm us.  Just as we may think our goals are within sight, things can go from excellent to terrible in seconds flat.  But don't give up on those hopes and dreams that reside in your heart.  Do your part to work hard and make things happen, but don't forget to step back and have faith in the universe, as well.  Worry about the parts that you can control.  For everything else, slow your roll and let God have your back.

    Friday, April 4, 2014

    "If a Relationship Has to Be a Secret, You Shouldn't Be In It."

    Writer Regina Brett's life lessons are great little nuggets of wisdom.  There's something for everyone!  I'll be reflecting on this week's lesson:  "If a Relationship Has to Be a Secret, You Shouldn't Be In It."

    There are all sorts of different relationships that you can have.  Not every single choice is going to be right for each person... we're all unique!  However, honesty and trust are integral parts of any relationship when you are sharing your life with someone.  There shouldn't be secrets, lies, or omission of truth between two people who are in a loving and caring dynamic.  Additionally, any relationship which involves sneaking around, lying, or keeping secrets is most likely going to end in pain or discord.  If you really love someone, there's no need to lie and sneak.  Come clean and live that love in the open -- a loving, trusting relationship is worth the risk!

    Tuesday, April 1, 2014

    How To Be Sexier For Your Man, Lesson #2

    Another very important thing to remember is that men are visual creatures.  If he's with you already, then you know that he likes the way you look.  But if you want to dress in a way that he finds exciting, go for it!  One word of caution, however… make ABSOLUTELY sure that the clothing you choose makes you feel sexy and comfortable.  They don't need to be totally revealing, but they should flatter you and make you feel sexy.  If not, you're going to insecure and uncomfortable, and no matter what you might be wearing on top -- your discomfort will show.  And that is NOT sexy.

    You could go with a traditional method, like a candlelit dinner at home, romantic music, and with you wearing something slinky and sultry.  All of that stuff really does work, because it sends out all of the signals that you're making an effort to really be exciting and sexy for him.  But you need to back up that stuff with the right frame of mind.  You don't need to wait for a special occasion to be more sexy for your man, just choose a time that you feel comfortable with. If he's the kind of guy who likes schedules, feel free to plan it in advance so that you can both relax more.

    Make it special.  Light some candles, wear something that makes you feel red hot.

    You might think that having a romantic night with your lover seems a bit silly, especially if you've been together a long time, but don't underestimate it.  Guys like to be made to feel special, too.  And when one person does that for their partner -- the partner will be more likely to reciprocate sometime down the line.

    Remember that confidence is key.  Many confident women are brought up being made to feel as though they are beautiful, competent, and all-around wonderful.  As they grow into women, this confidence translates into greater professional successes, as well as personal ones. 

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