Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Magic Properties of Tea

Tea is traditionally made from the leaves of the tea plant, but it can also be made with various herbs which have been steeped in water.

People in cultures throughout the world drink tea.  It can be consumed with milk, lemon, or sugar.

Different types, styles, and temperatures of tea can be used for different purposed. For a relaxing beverage, try a cup of iced tea.  Hot tea is better for soothing and warming you when you're feeling cold or sad.  Try green tea if you're looking to wake up and be refreshed!  Mint tea helps to cleanse the palate and soothe the mind, getting you ready for the next meal or the next path in your life.  Tea with cinnamon or other spices can make you feel warm when the temperature is low outside.  If you're suffering from insomnia and in need of a sleeping aid, consider giving jasmine or chamomile teas a try.

The emotional benefit of teas cannot be understated.  In times of stress, sorrow, or grief, a cup of tea can stimulate you into action.  It can also help to soothe and warm you when you're feeling ill or depressed.  Tea can also help to energize you and provide an uplifting feeling, prompting good feelings and making even a happy time feel that much nicer.

There are so many varieties of teas, and many of them can be enjoyed in all sorts of different ways.  Find your favorite and enjoy! :)

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