Thursday, September 16, 2021

How Can I Help Myself Feel Better After a Bad Day?

Everyone has had a bad day every now and again. Everyone has experienced rejection, loss, and crappy times. I’m no exception of this. Believe me, plenty of people have trampled on my hopes and dreams. It’s easy to let things affect you in a negative way — I’m not immune to that, either.

But I’ve learned a lot a out how to deal with it, and I love to share my methods. In fact sometimes, you need to just pick yourself up and figure out a way to get back into the game. Sometimes, I just let myself feel it, so I can deal with it.

Monday, August 16, 2021

How Can I Use Color Magick to Improve My Life?

Are you one of the savvy few who use modern color magic?

Every color has its own story, it’s only Lors and legends in cultures throughout the world. When you learn how to harness the psychological impact of color, you can also gain a tremendous amount of insight into how to use those colors in treating your own mental health with self soothing and meditation.

Various color shades also have physical reactions on our bodies, as well. When you learn to harness the magic of the colors all around you, you can see things in a whole new light.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

How Can I Attract Abundance, Prosperity, & Joy?

Joy and abundance are all around us! Sometimes, when we’re feeling stressed or depressed, our eyes aren’t really on the prize. Instead, our eyes are on the worst case scenario. Our minds are focused on merely surviving, not just thriving.

Here are a few secrets in order to not just attract the potential of joy, happiness, fulfillment – but also some tips on how to attract abundance. Real, true abundance that sustains and uplifts you.

Remember — if you don’t keep your eyes open, you might just be missing out on some good chances!

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Dreaming about Carrots: Carrot Symbolism

The spiritual significance of dreams has fascinated humankind since, well, since dreams have existed. Orange

Each object in a dream carries with it symbolism that can be interpreted in the waking world.

Dreaming about carrots 🥕 can often hold a meaning of prosperity, self care, and proactive steps to take care of yourself and those around you. In many cultures, carrots are also symbolic of abundance, wealth, good health, and longevity as the carrot’s taproot can be replanted to grow again and again.

Carrots can also be symbolic as rewards; you’ve heard the phrase “carrot and stick” to mean rewarding or punishing someone for acting on your commands. This comes from people using carrots as food rewards to train livestock, especially horses. Dreams of carrots can symbolize the prize at the end of a long, hard road.

Because of a carrot’s golden color before mass farms turned them orange, carrots are often associated with wealth and prosperity. A golden carrot is a special item indeed! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Navigating the Wild World of Online Dating

Be careful, friends! As fun as dating apps or online dating can be, and as rewarding as it can be to find new opportunities to meet “the one,” there are some important things you need to know for dating app success. Sharpen your matchmaking skills with some of these easy tips!

Tip 1: Looks do matter, but not the way you think! I’m not saying you need to be a perfect 10, but you should try to bring out your best features. Take a flattering, natural photo for your profile. Dress neatly, with clothes that are flattering and in good condition. (If you’re strapped for cash or unsure about ideas, decide on an easy casual date uniform — such as a good pair of jeans and a neutral colored top — keep it clean and you can’t go wrong!  Make sure your body is clean and wearing deodorant. Also, don’t forget to brush your teeth and pop a breath mint before the crucial moment.

Tip 2: Compliment your date! You’ve taken the trouble to make a good impression. Be sure to tell your date that they look nice, too. If you’re just talking online, you can also compliment their jokes or cool subjects that they discuss.

Tip 3: Positive vibes only. Be sure to talk about light subjects at first. Share good news, be attentive and supportive of the other person’s news as well. Be cheerful. Make lemonade out of the lemons. Make sure your friend is comfortable by not being racist, inappropriate, or unkind. Unless, of course, that’s who you really are (in which case I’d recommend getting a bit of help with that).

These are the basics, but they’ll help you get the ball rolling. Do you have any tips for our readers? Feel free to share! 

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