Monday, February 22, 2021

Manifesting Money Fast: The Attachment Rule

  So to really know what’s happening with your manifestation, you have to learn to listen to what the mind is telling you. Here are some ways to do that:

Use all your senses, especially your ears. Hear what’s in your heart, which is the primary key to knowing the mind. Whenever you feel unhappy, happy, or frightened, let your feelings flow. It’s important for feelings to be processed, and (if they don’t serve your greatest good), released.

Be mindful of your body as well as your kind, and experience what you feel holistically. Be totally honest with yourself. 

Acknowledge what’s happening. Is there depression about something in your past? Is it anxiety about something happening in the future? Is this excitement about something that’s coming up? Whatever it is, this is what the mind is saying. Then let it go. 

Practice non-attachment. Remember, you’re not attached to anything in the external world. It doesn’t matter if you get what you’re wishing for. The mind doesn’t judge. It doesn’t care about anything in the external world.

In that way, when you see things happening, you can take a non-attached attitude and let them be.

Be happy for the blessings that you do have. If you’re still doing all of these things and not manifesting just what you want... that’s okay. Keep going. The universe delivers in its own time, so trust the process.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Learning How to Self-Heal Emotionally

As adversity knocks us down, we develop resilience to get back up and keep fighting.

However, some parts of emotional healing can be difficult for those of us who are experiencing especially different challenges  or transitional periods Everyone needs a self-healing process. Having a plan for soothing yourself when things can tough, can help improve your quality of life.

Listen to some great tips for spiritual self-healing here on SpiritClique. My advice has helped thousands of people, and it’ll help you too! 

Monday, February 15, 2021

We Spent a Night Together, But He Didn’t Call Me Back. Why?

Have you ever been deeply in love with someone, spend a whirlwind of a few days with them... only to be iced out or ghosted completely? Why the hell do men do that?

One answer might be surprising: our post-coital emotions and behavior are influenced by body chemistry.

After sex, women tend to experience higher levels of the hormone oxytocin, which is released steadily from physical touch. The fastest way to receive it is skin to skin contact, and engaging in physical intimacy will cause a woman’s body to create even more of it.

At the same time, a man’s testosterone levels plummet post-sex, especially during the act of post-coital cuddling, as their oxytocin raises. It makes sense, considering the testosterone producers running wild during arousal and intercourse. Once his hormone levels crash, his body may begin craving another hit to slake its need for more supply. So he may be, without realizing it, disengaging to go do something manly and productive.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

What Kind of Medicine Should Aquarius Doctors Practice?

People born under the zodiac sign, Aquarius, may be great at medical research.

Aquarius peeps might conjure “doctors” like mad scientists raising the dead, or building an army of AI assholes to help take over the world.

They do love their freedom, especially in their headspace. Cutting-edge technology and experimental procedures are fascinating places for them to find their life’s calling. Also, research new diseases — or discovery of cures — will scratch that exploratory itch. (Would you prefer to discover a new disease, off-label uses for drugs, or use creative solutions to universal problems? That’s cool, too.) Psychiatry, particularly research in that vein, could also interest the deep-thinking Aquarius.

Aquarians have a deep love of humanity but often struggle to connect with people on a personal level. Thus, doing something helpful and beneficial for personkind is a wonderful plan!

Friday, February 12, 2021

Investing in Crystals: How to Find the Best Stone Talismans for You

 If you’re willing to spend $20, you’ll get a crystal with protection of angels, fairies, and other such mysterious entities. And if you’re willing to spend $80, you’ll get a crystal with protection from energy vampires.

But if you love crystals as much as we do, you might be confused about what you need, and whether or not it’s actually going to be the right one for you. How would you even start? Looking into which birthstone is right for you might be a great way to begin.

According to Shaman Elisabeth Briggs, “one of the best ways to make an investment in crystals is to buy one in which the group or spirit in which it is in is important to you. This is a personal preference and can be easily determined by you if the word ‘Love’ comes to mind as the essence of your thoughts.”

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Crystal Magick with Cherry Quartz

The pink and red hues of cherry quartz are so beautiful and magical to behold! But it’s more than just a pretty stone.

Cherry quartz can attract love like rose quartz, but with more of a sexual/erotic flair. It also promotes happiness and bursts of creativity. 

Wear it to be the life of the party, or to get inspired!

Monday, February 1, 2021

Amber’s Magickal Properties and Spiritual Power

Baltic amber has been a crucial part of spiritual work among the Vedma pagan culture for thousands of years, as the gems collected from the salty beaches of the Baltic Sea are rich with healing, anti-inflammatory properties. It is venerated within many circles in both modern and historical spirituality.

Amber is said to help with pain, stress, and other physical or mental ailments. It’s especially helpful for respiratory issues, such as asthma. Amber is prized for its beauty and range of stunning colors — rich honeys and caramels, flaming oranges and sunny yellows. These shades link amber with the Root Chakra (responsible for sustaining life force & reproduction) and the Solar Plexus Chakra (ruling over personality and self-expression). 

Friday, January 29, 2021

Spiritual Self-Help Snapchat Group!

Snapchat is the public’s favorite social media platform of the moment! And it’s only getting bigger and bigger.

SpiritClique is in the process of organizing a Snapchat group for people who are looking for real ways to heal mentally, spiritually, & emotionally. I’ll be raising new questions, sending fun inspiring quotes and info, and maybe even do  some free card reading for the Clique and its members! 

If you’ve followed my blog for the past decade, you’ll know how much love and care we have been putting into things around here. The blog and podcast will be staying 100% the same — we’re just adding more amazing free shit! 

Come hang out and talk with us on Snap!

Friday, January 22, 2021

Why Is My Manifestation Not Working?

Do you have a question you’re often asking yourself? Do you feel like you’re not getting the results you’re hoping for with your manifestation?

Do you feel like the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you right now?

Do you feel like you can’t trust the process?

What is it that you’re really asking?

 When we think about our dreams, it’s difficult to remember that these are a “waiting to happen.” Every dream is the future manifested in the present moment. The ultimate goal of our awareness is to realize that all dreams are waiting to happen, no matter how difficult we may think they are to achieve.

It’s natural to become impatient when the waiting is interminable. We grow frustrated, and before we know it, we begin to question our ability to manifest a manifestation. “I’m not good enough,” we think. “My mind doesn’t work right.”

We need to come to terms with the fact that it takes time to manifest any manifestation, because our mind is like a river and the path is like a riverbed. As long as the riverbed is soft and the riverbed is wet, the river will continue flowing. It takes time for the riverbed to dry up so that the riverbed can become solid.

When the riverbed dries up, our dreams will begin to rise up to the surface. When the riverbed is solid, our dreams will float up to the surface. Our mental perfection is inseparable from our conscious manifestation.

Don’t expect anything too soon, or you may miss the manifestation that is right for you. Trust the process.

Monday, January 18, 2021

What does having a moon in Virgo mean?

Lunar signs can emerge in strange and unusual ways. You may not show these to the general public. However, Virgos are fabulous with communication, serving others, being useful, and caring about the environment.

I have known a lot of people with Moon in Virgo, and the general consensus is that they’re pretty smart and caring. Unfortunately, their caring nature makes it easier to take advantage of — so don’t forget to protect yourself!

Recently I did a podcast about this very subject on SpiritClique. I discussed the lunar Virgo placement in detail, including all their strengths. (We’ll do weaknesses another time!) I also instruct about really basic essential use, so that it can be done safely and carefully.) Listen here!

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Why Should We Make Meditation a Habit?

Meditation is not always easy.

People who have problems with anxiety can find meditation to be especially challenging.

It takes focus and concentration, and must be practiced for years to reap the full benefits.

But it can be a vital part of managing stress, controlling our thoughts, and decreasing our feelings of irritability.

It is important to develop a meditation practice that helps you stay focused and flexible.

Doing some meditation is like taking a yoga class, but on a much smaller scale.

One of the benefits of meditating is the ability to reduce stress.

It is often difficult for people to concentrate when they are stressed, so meditating can help us to find an even deeper sense of relaxation.

So when you are tempted to take on more responsibilities, think about ways that you can reduce your workload and concentrate on other, more positive things.

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