Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spell Ingredients From Your Kitchen!

Spiritual work does not need to be complicated in order to yield special results.  Incorporating small rituals into your daily life can be a wonderful way to live a magickal life that keeps you in harmony with the energies around you, as well as the energies in yourself as it all grows, changes, and evolves.  

Despite what is said in many books about the countless amounts of equipment that you need, the ancients always used the most commonplace of items in their workings.  Even the legendary witch Marie Laveau would tell her peers to "use what works."  The feelings behind what you're doing are the most important; the items you use are often symbols or offerings that will help the magick manifest.

You can hunt around your local supermarket -- or your very own kitchen! -- for these easy, inexpensive, yet very effective ingredients.

1.  Garlic.  It's cheap, it's tasty, and it is powerful!  Garlic contains a natural antibiotic which helps attack "bad" bacteria when you're sick, which is probably why it is so often featured in home remedies.  You might know about garlic's legendary vampire-fighting properties, but did you know that it's great as an all-purpose negativity buster as well?  Anytime you're feeling overwhelmed with negative energy, or feeling bogged down with the feeling that someone doesn't have your best interests at heart, cook yourself a nice lunch or dinner with lots of garlic added.  (Be sure to chew some parsley or eat yogurt after the meal, to minimize the potential for garlic breath!)

2.  Salt.  Another fabulous all-purpose ingredient that you can find right in your own kitchen.  You don't need to eat salt in order to get its purifying, space-clearing properties.  My favorite way to make use of it is a lovely cleansing bath.  I tend to opt for sea salt or even epsom salts in my bath water.  I add a bit of essential oil for fragrance -- though this is completely optional -- and relax in a warm tub, allowing the cleansing properties of the salt to wash away any negative residuals.  Salt is also wonderful for purifying a space by either scattering, or forming a circle around a specific area. 

3.  Basil.  Basil is legendary for things like purification, but did you know that this green leafy herb can also help attract money and material fortune?  Fresh basil is best, but dried basil works in a pinch as well.  To use it, make a tea out of the basil by putting a handful of the fresh leaves, or a big spoonful of the dried stuff, into boiling water.  Let it steep for 15 to 20 minutes, and then drain.  You may then pour it into your bath water, or drink the tea as-is for a powerful boost of luck.

4.  Rosemary.  This one is a personal favorite of mine for culinary use!  Rosemary has a delectable scent and distinctive taste.  It is so wonderful for all sorts of things -- not just for purity and protection, but for arousing creativity, enhancing the memory, and for bringing love.  You can add fresh or dried rosemary to some hot water, place it in front of you on a table, and cover your head with a towel to breathe in all of the lovely steam (only do this for a few minutes, though. not too long!).  This is a very good way to take in the fantastic properties of this herb.  

5.  Ginger.  Another awesome herb for love and luck, and a great one for your health as well!  Ginger aids the stomach's digestion, and can also help nausea a great deal if you suffer from stomach distres.  Sprinkle powdered ginger around the outside of your home to keep trouble away.  Ginger tea can be quite calming, but is also said to aid you by opening you up to the possibilities of a new love.  You can add ginger to any spell or consumable to add "heat" and extra passion on top of your current magickal workings.  And never underestimate the power of a good gingerbread man!

6.  Chamomile.  Coming soon to a tea bag near you... this lovely flower, as I'm sure you know, packs quite a whallop when you need to calm down and give yourself a little time-out.  It helps to relax you, but did you also know that it can aid your magickal workings as well?  This is another herb that you can sprinkle around your home to keep negativity away.  Add the teabags to your warm bath; the fragrance will soothe you as the herbs work to attract love, fortune, and healing to your life.  You may also want to burn the dried flowers as incense.  I usually just purchase pure chamomile tea bags, and cut open the bags as I need them.  (CAUTION:  Porphyriacs should NOT consume anything containing chamomile!)

7.  Cinnamon.  Cinnamon has long been used for attracting good energy, love, and luck to many a practicioner.  The hot, sweet scent stimulates the senses and stirs the soul with longing.  Wearing delicious cinnamon-scented perfumes can really make a certain someone sit up and take notice!  Try steeping a few cinnamon sticks in some light oil (such as grape seed, or even extra-virgin olive oil), leave it for a few weeks, and then use the oil for cooking or to dress candles.  Cinnamon is wonderful as an incense because it raises high spiritual vibrations.  It draws money and raises protective energies as well.

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