Friday, March 14, 2014

Signs & Symptoms of Emotional Eating

You feel guilt, fear, or shame about the way that you relate to food.

Food is a constant thought or obsession.

You snack when you are feeling bored, worried, or other times when you aren't really hungry.

Food is a source of comfort to you.

When you're feeling happy, you "celebrate" with certain types of food.

You consume food in order to make yourself feel happier.

Even if you are full, you continue to eat.

You are unable to stop yourself from overeating.

You continue to obsess over food long after you have finished eating; you think about food even after your stomach is full.

You crave food at random times, and have trouble functioning without it even if you are not really physically hungry.

When emotions of any type run high, you choose to eat.

Because of the way you eat, you have a problem with your weight.

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