Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Magickal Properties of Garnet

Garnets are loved and revered the world over for their breathtaking beauty, their lustre, and their mystical powers.  While they have similar physical characteristics to crystals (such as structural formations), garnets are actually composed of crystal silicate materials that can vary in hardness.  They are found all over the world in a stunning array of shades.  The most commonly known garnet hues are red and pink, but they are also seen in oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, browns, blacks, and even clear.  Some garnets even change their reflective color depending on how much light is reflecting off of them.

Because of the common red color of garnet crystal, it is often associated most with the more aggressive emotional moods, such as anger and aggression.  Long ago, it was known as the "warrior stone," as it was carried into battle to protect soldiers and warriors from injury and illness, and to help them come out as the victors in their battles.

Garnets are also often used in love spells, to keep a man or woman faithful to the garnet's owner.  It can also enhance the wearer's sex life, making him or her appear more physically attractive to the one she or he desires.

Like most crystals and minerals, garnets have some great healing properties as well.  Garnets are great for detoxifying the body, drawing out negative physical elements as well as bad energies from the bearer.  It is also great for reviving the libido and rekindling emotional passion, not just for sex, but for anything where the bearer feels the need to focus and get down to business.  Try garnets for giving yourself a bit of extra drive in business and personal endeavors as well.


  1. Thats a Very Interesting Article on GARNET . In Indian Astrology we Use Garnet to Strengthen Planet RAHU in the Horoscope .

    Amit lamba

  2. This stone emanates so much strength.

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