Thursday, August 20, 2015

My Lucky Bingo Mat

From time to time, when I see a product or service that is truly beneficial, I love sharing it with my readers and followers.  Since so many of you love the thrill that come with games of chance, I wanted to share with you my thoughts about a cool product that I've recently learned about.  It's called My Lucky Bingo Mat, and it's a real game changer!

I have no doubt that many of you love Bingo as much as I do! (After all, even psychic sages need their downtime to hang with the ladies & let off some steam!)  However, there are a few things that have actually kept me away from my favorite Monday night haunt (Club Cafe's Bingo night!).  Simply put, there are issues involving "turf wars."  People like to spread out and crowd one another, which means I have to go early and try really hard not to sit near any known offenders.
My Lucky Bingo Mat has changed that problem for me.  Now my personal space is well defined, and since the mat is non-slip silicone, it stays right where I put it rather than scooting around and accidentally crowding anyone else.  This feature is actually just a bonus for its intended use:  The non-slip fabrication means that your cards stay right where you put them without having to waste time and tape.  All you need to do is lay your cards right onto the mat, and enjoy yourself -- presto, no muss and no fuss!  The silicone mat has plenty of room for your little extras (like daubers and lucky charms), and is easy to care for too; should you spill your latte while jumping up to yell "BINGO!," the surface needs only a quick wipe to be as good as new!

Recently, I bought one for a good friend of mine who is disabled.  Bingo is one of the things that she still enjoys quite a lot, but since she suffers from neuropathy and arthritis, she doesn't get out as much as she used to.  (I never mind taping her cards for her, but I know she hates to ask!)  I think she's going to be delighted with her very own My Lucky Bingo Mat, in her signature lucky color -- red!

To all of you who are ready to ditch the tape and focus on fun: I highly recommend this product!  Go to their website to learn more. :)

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