Friday, October 9, 2015

So... Exactly What Is Cupping, Anyway?

The cupping trend is taking the holistic wellness world by storm!  Everyone is asking... "What is cupping?"

Cupping is an age-old therapeutic practice where cups, usually made out of glass, are heated and applied to various meridians along the body. These special therapeutic cups rest on the skin and create a suction in order to stimulate energy flow within the body.

Although this practice originated in Chinese medicine, massage cupping has enjoyed a surge of popularity in modern times.  Cupping is now actually a very current and popular practice. Cupping massage simply combines the two practices of massage therapy and cupping therapy, in order to provide a powerful holistic wellness experience.

Ancient Chinese cupping practices involved using glass cups, but obviously those aren't always convenient for everyone who is practicing this type of alternative therapy. Luckily, in the modern age, cupping therapy sets are actually made of all types of materials. Silicone cupping sets are considered among the best of these.  They are very common and highly prized as they are durable and flexible.  Additionally, a silicone suction cup can be much easier and safer to use.

My 3-piece silicone cupping set in action!
The vacuum therapy practices of cupping are a fantastic alternative medicine supplement for health as well as beauty. Many people are turning to this practice instead of commercial anti-aging products. One of the many benefits of cupping is that it has been said to provide the best wrinkle treatment possible for simply the reasonable price of your favorite reusable silicone cupping set.  Instead of investing time and energy, not to mention money, in skincare products to reduce wrinkles, facial cupping can be used to help reduce wrinkles. Many of the creams, lotions, and surgical procedures on the market today may or may not be effective, but facial cupping is being used more and more as not only does it reduce wrinkles, it can be a safe and noninvasive alternative to surgery.

Other benefits of cupping are truly remarkable to one's musculoskeletal health. Many pain sufferers turn to this ancient practice in order to alleviate muscle spasms and to help with lymphatic drainage.  Cupping can also be an excellent supplement to your myofascial release therapy routine. A suction cup can aid in the massage of sore tissue, and also to promote better circulation.

The silicone cupping set that I own is from  My set is just perfect for a beginner!  The three-piece cupping set was easy to use from the moment it emerged from the package.  It is also safe, and was very stimulating for my skin.  The cup artisans at Cupping Warehouse are known for their fabulous holistic health products: these items are a modern version of the ancient tools which were so effectively used in days long ago. This silicone cupping set is soft but durable, very safe and easy to use, yet surprisingly effective. Additionally, Cupping Warehouse offers a free trial subscription of the "Cupping Secrets" section of their website, so users can learn even more methods and techniques of cupping to look and feel fabulous!

To learn more about cupping, or even to order your own awesome silicone cupping set, have a look at today.  It's a must for anyone who practices Reiki, therapeutic massage, or any other form of alternative medicine. Enjoy!


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