Monday, May 16, 2016

Spotlight on Alexandra de Scheel (Delyric Oracle), Recipient of Our Humanitarian Award

We are so proud to bestow the very first Sage Institute Humanitarian Award to Alexandra de Scheel, also known by her artist name, Delyric Oracle!  This amazing woman from New York plays so many different roles in life, and gives 100% to each of them: she's a talented hip hop artist, owner of her own label, an accomplished author, and the champion of many causes which she holds dear.

Ms. de Scheel is the owner of her own label, Delyric Entertainment, and as a musical artist herself, enables others' voices to be heard as well, ensuring that the artists she works with are treated fairly and with respect for their craft.  But artistic expressions aren't the only thing this young woman is passionate about.  Making the world a better place is not only a driving force in Delyric's music, but also in the way that she lives her life, each and every day.  Delyric Entertainment regularly holds concerts to benefit the homeless; additionally, Ms. de Scheel works with organizations such as the Arizona Womens' Partnership, an all-volunteer non-profit organization which is dedicated to promoting womens' groups through publicity and grants.

Not only is Alexandra de Scheel an artist of remarkable talent, but a person of great compassion and action as well!  ConsultTheSage.Com is thrilled to name Delyric Oracle as the recipient of the Sage Institute Humanitarian Award.  Thank you, Delyric Oracle, for everything that you do!

You can also find Delyric Oracle on Instagram and Facebook -- check her out, she's amazing. :)


  1. Oh what a wonderful person "helping others" considering boyfriend No1, Pekka-Eric Auvinen killed 8 kids at his school before killing himself and boyfriend No2, Tracy Lee Wischhoefer was arrested for threatening to "top the Aurora" massacre but instead just ended up killing himself.

  2. This is what Alexandra de Scheel (tanascheel) said after her boyfriend shot and killed 8 people:

    "Ok...thank you to: Chris/and Robin/Mike/tyrone. but... anyone else... FUCK YOU. reporters PMing me - talk to me tomorrow pls not conscience today the rest of you - PUT FRIENDS LOCK ON ----- FUCK YOU UP THE ASS AND FIVE WAYS TO SUNDAY ... HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE AND THEN GET SHAT ON AND KICKED AND DISMEMEBERED YOU MOTHERFUCKERS"

    Soooo deserving of your Humanitarian Award. You made a great choice there!

    1. Alexandra was not directly involved in these events; as horrible as they were, they were initiated and perpetuated by other people that she happened to know. People don't always make perfect choices; they make mistakes along the way. But I believe that truly good people don't always have an easy life and do not always make perfect choices. Instead, they grow and change; if they're wise and careful, they work hard to find redemption. I believe that in the years since these tragedies took place, she has gained some perspective and has made real efforts to contribute something meaningful to the world.

    2. How can you say she was not directly involved in these events?

      She WAS THE GIRLFRIEND of a Mass Murderer who killed 8 kids.

      Previous to this she chatted online with SEVERAL confused boys who confessed to her of their plans to carry out Mass Shootings. She replied "Cool you'll become just as famous as Reb+Vodka!".

      Another "friend" of hers was arrested and jailed for 6 years after being caught making plans to shoot up his school.

      Only LAST YEAR another BOYFRIEND of hers was arrested for threatening to kill people, threatening to "top the Aurora Massacre" after which police found body armor, guns and explosives in his garage. To avoid a lengthy jail term he killed himself.

      Please explain to me how encouraging these threats, supporting and sleeping with men knowing of their plans is in your eyes "making real efforts to contribute something meaningful to the world"? Only last week she was posting photographs of herself pouting with various guns on Social Media...

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