Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reflexology Basics

UPDATE:  I've made a reflexology chart!  Click here to see it!

Reflexology is an ancient healing art that originates thousands of years before Christianity. It is said to have a wonderful and powerful impact on the health of those who receive its practice, both in body and in mind. However, it is not a mainstream healing technique, and not much information about reflexology is commonly known. Because I consider it to be a safe and relaxing practice, I'd love to share some of the information about reflexology in the hopes that my readers will give it a try sometime.

This healing practice has been around since the very beginnings of recorded human history. Ancient health and spiritual practicioners in Egypt and China developed this healing technique. Their theories revolve around the concept that every person has an energy flowing through them, as well as around them, and often illnesses can be caused or exacerbated by disruptions in the flow. The human feet contain energy points which connect to various organs or parts of the body. By providing pressure or stimulation to various energy points in the foot, one can change the energy. A reflexology practicioner can remove blocks, stimulate to encourage energy flow, or balance the the energy back to its rightful state. By doing this, once can promote and restore physical and mental health. 

Reflexology's benefits must often be experienced in order to be believed. There are many advantages and positive effects that are enjoyed by those who receive this soothing technique.

Reflexology techniques can have a wonderful effect on the physical being; it can remove tension in the muscles of the feet. All massage is beneficial for assisting in the removal of toxins from the body, enabling the body to help heal itself more efficiently. Quite a few conditions are thought to be alleviated on some level by reflexology, such as circulatory issues, headaches, certain digestive ailments, high blood pressure, neck or back pain, and even female health issues such as PMS or infertility. Massage is generally good for these types of conditions because the manipulation of the muscles and tissue which is done during the massage is quite effective as a stress reliever; when physical stress is reduced, the instances of the conditions above is often reduced or even eliminated entirely in some cases. If the power of the reflex points actually does connect to various bodily organs, then the potentials of reflexology's benefits are well worth the exploration.

Not only can reflexology help physical issues, but it can also relieve the recipient of emotional stress as well. It is a soothing technique that can put someone into a wonderful state of relaxation. Physical and emotional tensions are alleviated, allowing the body to feel rejuvenated. A stressful condition, such as anxiety or depression, can be alleviated with some simple relaxing touches. This relaxation can enable the recipient to have a more peaceful and relaxed outlook, possibly even improving insomnia and promoting a more restful sleep, which will in turn have even more health-boosting power.

In general, reflexology is a relatively safe practice -- however, I must advise you to check with your physician before starting a reflexology program as this type of massage may not be advisable for people with certain health conditions. There are many ailments which conventional medicine is, as yet, unable to treat effectively, so reflexology may be a great alternative health practice for you to try in such instances. After getting advice from your doctor, look online to find the right reflexologist that will meet your needs and help to enhance your physical and emotional health. Enjoy!


  1. your basic chart is the easiest and coolest one ever. Comfort to the feet and body!!

    1. Thanks!! I'm so glad that you like it!! :)


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