Monday, December 19, 2011

Easiest Reflexology Chart Ever!

In the past few months, I've been thinking a lot about reflexology.  It's something that I've studied, here and there, for the past couple of years.  I certainly wouldn't call myself an expert, though I would say that I'm an enthusiast.  It's the sort of holistic treatment that I love, because it's non-invasive and no matter how inexperienced you are, you can't really hurt someone or do it "wrong."  

One thing that confuses people, however, is just where all of those pesky reflexology points are located!  I've looked at a lot of charts, and while it seems that there's some debate going on about some of the parts of the body and their corresponding reflexology areas, I have formulated a chart that is based on the most widely-agreed locations.  My reflexology chart is a very simple, basic diagram that has the most commonly sought locations featured prominently.  The image of the sole of the foot was taken from an image from Gray's Anatomy that I found online -- I just colored in and labelled all of the "good" parts. ;)

 I wouldn't recommend reflexology as a cure-all or any sort of replacement for the advice of a doctor, but I would most happily recommend it as something to try as a supplemental treatment -- it certainly can't hurt you, and at the very worst, you'll be getting a nice relaxing foot rub out of the deal (how bad could that be?).  Just remember to be gentle and go slow if you're trying it for the first time.  Get a friend to try some of these reflexology points on you, or just refer to my picture below and do it for yourself.  It's easy and so much fun!  Consult your doctor before doing this, as some types of massage may be unsuitable for people with certain health issues.

P.S.  As a special gift to you, I fully permit everyone to use, share, and refer to my chart under the Creative Commons No-Derivs License!  (more info below)  
Feel free to distribute it as long as you link back to me.   
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