Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mystical Properties of Sunstone/Citrine

Not only are crystals and gems beautiful to look at as we adorn our homes and bodies with them, but they're also wonderful tools to help us focus positive energy, healing us from the inside.  Since the dawn of civilization, crystals and precious or semi-precious stones have been used for their healthful vibrations on our lives, relationships, and our living or workspaces.

Like the dynamic force of the sun, a sunstone crystal can help encourage strength in rising to meet challenges, to inspire leadership, and to strengthen the will of the bearer.  Even better, it is especially powerful when the intentions are meant to benefit a larger group of people rather than for individual fulfillment.  Sunstone can help to generate faith, hope, and positivity.  It is associated with love, prosperity, progress.  Sunstone is a crystal that can help strengthen you emotionally for tough times to come, but also to encapsulate the positivity of happy times and to repel negative energy.  Sunstone can also help you to keep goals and personal standards in mind, so that you're strong enough to reject temptation or to refuse requests which are unreasonable.    It can also help with anxieties and phobias, helping to center and ground you.

Sunstone is a wonderful all-purpose stone, and is an excellent tool to have in your crystal repertoire.  It has many wonderful and helpful properties for those whose lives need a little extra brightening.  It is a type of feldspae, with a Mohs hardness number of around 6; this makes it fairly sturdy, but not extremely hard.  It often occurs in yellows, oranges, and reddish-browns.  The crystal itself is obviously associated with the sun, bringing with it proactive and energetic forces which help to bring about change.  The Sun rules the heart and emotions according to astrological teachings, and sunstone can be utilized to help enhance these within us as well.

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