Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is It Bad to Cast Spells?

People often wonder if spellcasting is bad, evil, or demonic.  Some folks just naturally assume that spell work calls on dark or negative forces.  However, this isn't really correct.  There's a lot more to casting spells.

The first and most important part of determining whether or not spellwork is good or evil is knowing exactly what spellcasting is.  Spells are made up of energy which the caster directs or projects into a specific direction, in order to complete a goal or task.  There are all sorts of energies which can be sent out by a caster, for good or for ill.  In most cases, this energy is all that is directed by the caster, as opposed to the demons or devils which are portrayed in movies and books.

In ancient times, various magickal practices such as voodoo, shamanism, and other forms of sorcery have been practiced by humankind.  Just as in any religion or spiritual belief, there are both light and dark aspects of such practices.  In all forms of religion, there are intentions to help or to hurt, positive and negative parts of all beliefs.  For example: Satanism, which is infamous for its reputation as a dark or evil religion, does use or direct darker energies.  But practicioners of other beliefs, such as Wicca or other forms of Paganism, work under the tenet of "Harm None," and thus will use the powers of good and positive energy only.  Both types of energy are powerful, and neither is more powerful than another one.

It is true that some practicioners do their spellwork on the dark side, projecting negative force or directing dark energy toward a specific target.  Shamans, who can do positive or negative magick, can also project forces out of jealousy, anger, or a wish to possess your spirit or possessions. 

Negative energy can also be projected by everyday people without realizing it, and certainly without casting any spells: most forms of hate, desire for revenge, jealousy, and fear can create negative tension which gathers and creates an overriding feeling of negativity or negative energy.

Just as negativity can be spread by these baser emotions, so can positivity be shared with others.  A smile, a friendly word, sharing one's happiness or good intentions with another person, all of these things can spread positivity as well.  Prayers may be considered another positive form of spellwork, requesting help from a higher power.

Whether you choose to use formal spellwork in your life, remember that the true magic lies within yourself!  Sharing your positivity with others will result in a more positive, wonderful life for yourself and those around you.

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