Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Quick Guide to Using Gems

Since the beginning of recorded civilizations, people have been using crystals to heal and destress.  We can still get the benefits of crystal therapy today -- this is, of course, best when done in conjunction with modern medicine.

Stones of specific colors are used to help specific ailments.  For example stones which are red, orange, and yellow, are thought to produce energy vibrations.  Crystals in cooler colors, such as blues and greens, are reputed to give the user a more relaxing and peaceful effect.  Clear stones and neutral colors are frequently used for healing as well.  You can combine your favorite crystals to make a customized healing regimen just for you!

Here are a few of the most common crystals, along with their reputed abilities.  Choose which ones are right for you and give yourself a tailor-made crystal therapy treatment.

Amethysts:  Good for enhancing patience and alleviating anger or stress.

Aquamarine:  Supposed to be good for the heart, helpful with communication and beneficial for the immune system as well.

Carnelian:  This lovely red stone is just right for cleansing your system of toxins; it works well on your kidneys and circulatory system.  Carnelian is also good for emotional and physical passions, great for enhancing confidence and determination.

Citrine:  Try this one for digestive issues like heartburn or allergies to something you ate.  It's another good detox stone as well, for the intestines or bladder, as well as the liver and kidneys.  This stone is also prized for clear thinking, enhancing one's positivity and willpower.

Coral:  Helps with bone disorders, particularly that of the spine.  It can also help speed up muscle and tissue repair.  Coral is also great for an enhancement of already positive emotions.

Diamond:  Long prized for its beauty and durability, diamonds are said to help reproductive issues.  A diamond can also make you seem more trustworthy to those who are suspicious of others.  They can enhance clarity of thought and also help you strengthen positivity (yours and others').

Emerald:  Wonderful for the lungs and other respiratory functions.  Also a good choice to help you relax and rest, as well as to lessen female complaints.

Jade:  For general longevity, as well as a spiritual and emotional stabilizer.  Jade can also help with the memory and knowledge retention.  It is also reputed to be an abundance stone.

Lapis:  Another great de-stressor that also promotes learning and creative tendencies while reducing fear and anxiety.  This is especially good for people with social anxiety, insomnia, or those who are seeking to expand their intuitive abilities.

Malachite:  This one tames a multitude of beasts; it's a wonderful choice to block or neutralize anger, negativity, or sadness.  It can also put out the fires of inflammatory pain.

Ruby:  Where there are blood disorders, seek a ruby to alleviate them -- enhances the circulatory system, helps blood clots or women's monthly cycles.

Sapphires:  Another great calming and "dreamy" stone to help you become more intuitive.  They can also help inflammation and fevers.

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