Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Aura Patterns and You

The auras of most people can be broken down into one of four categories -- yours may be part of one, or several at once.  Auras are as distinct as the people who possess them, and every single one is different!

1.  Glowing auras.  These tend to be one or two basic colors, or shades of the same color throughout the aura.  There may be large or small spots of a contrasting color interspersed throughout the background.  This aura seems to glow and simmer with a mystical, smouldering energy.  People with this type of aura tend to be passionate, creative, and are often looking for new and unusual ways to complete goals.  On the flip-side, they can often be impatient and have a tendency to jump to conclusions without having all the facts first.  The dynamic glowing aura corresponds to the element of fire signifying our creative life forces, passion, and sexuality.

2.  The smoky aura.  This one can be made up of similar shades, or completely different ones.  You will notice that it is hazy and foggy with either opaque or transparent clouds.  The colors often mix with one another and can seem rather indefinite.  Smoky aura people are often adaptable when the situation calls for it, and intelligent in their own ways (not always the conventional ones), but are prone to have trouble concentrating and focusing.  The smoky aura corresponds to the element of air, which pertains to our intellectual pursuits and higher thinking.

3.  Sparkling auras.  A sparkler tends to have one base color with tiny bits of color (or sparkles) spotting it.  This is similar to a glowing aura, though the spots are smaller, which gives it a shimmery or sparkly appearance.  People with sparkling auras tend to be very good at coping with practical problems.  They are often good at providing a stable center for those around them.  They are also persistent, and willing to work for what they feel is important.  Their negative qualities center around fear of loss or stubborrness in the face of change, but they are strong people who can weather even the toughest of storms.  Sparking auras correspond to the earth element, which has a special link to the physical and tangible.

4.  The banded aura.  Also called a striped, ribboned, or streaked aura, this pattern is an interesting one.  Streaks and bands, of varying thicknesses and directions, can be seen throughout the aura in complimentary or contrasting shades. Those who possess this pattern within their auras tend to be very emotional, nuturing, and inuitive.  Negative aspects of the banded aura include a tendency toward depression, obsession, self-absorption and worry.  The pattern itself corresponds to the element of water, which rules the emotions and inner world.

You may want to try some aura polishing techniques in order to help yourself feel better when you're in need of a change in your life.

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  1. A friend of mine said that my aura had a kind of Shakespearean swirl, if I remember correctly. what category would that be part of?


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