Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Meaning of a Red Aura

Red is the hottest, most fiery shade of the spectrum. Corresponding to the element of fire and the Root chakra, it is a hue of passion, sexuality, and creativity.

People with a red aura, regardless of the shade of red or the amount of red within the aura, tend to be passionate and emotional people. They also have much creativity and innovation to offer the world, and thrive in arenas where making and producing are at the forefront. Red aura bearers are also often aggressive and opinionated -- sometimes for good, and sometimes for bad.

Brighter reds tend to be seen in people with higher levels of aggression, and the brighter the red, the more anger is being harbored by the aura bearer. This may be a temporary flash in the aura, but if a bright red color is a more permanent fixture, this person may need to learn how to relax or address the source of his or her anger.  Sometimes aura polishing techniques can help to soothe the burn.  Each aura is unique, and different things may work for various aura colors and aura patterns.  Go with your instincts!

The crimson aura, which is one of the darkest red shades, is a good representative of the versatility of a red aura. Creativity and innovative thinking are paramount in this aura shade.

Burgundy is another very dark, and very creative aura hue. People with a burgundy aura after often very tenacious and able to see difficult situations to the end.

Maroon is a brownish red shade with a deep, dark hue. Like most red-hued aura bearers, people with a maroon aura have a great deal of personal power; however, the brownish cast also helps this aura bearer stay grounded and self-disciplined.

Scarlet is a deep, but vivid red. This can indicate someone who is very confident thinks very highly of him- or herself.

Cinnabar or vermilion auras tend to be brighter and more positive red aura bearers, with a lighter and more artistic personality. They can also be highly charismatic.

People with a magenta aura tend to be seeking new horizons in their life, looking for change and improvement. They often wish to better themselves in body, mind, or personal circumstance.

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