Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day Spa Indulgence Ideas for Your Love!

While Valentine's Day can be fun and sensual for you and your romantic interest, you can enjoy these recipes with anyone -- have a good time with friends during your own personal at-home "spa party," or just relax and enjoy these recipes by yourself.  Here are a few ideas to pamper that "special someone" at home with a few easy spa-inspired preparations! :)

1. Make a rosewater toner using fresh rose petals! Pour a cup of boiling water over a cup of rose petals. Cover and steep the mixture until it's cool enough to handle. Strain the petals from the liquid, giving them a good squeeze to release all the yummy rose essence. Keep this in a sterilized spray bottle in the fridge for a cool pick-me-up anytime.

2. Bath salts are so easy to make! Get your favorite coffee mug, fill it halfway with any salt you happen to have around (epsom salt is great, but so is sea salt or even your standard iodized table salt!), a few pinches of baking soda, and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. Pour this into your bath water for a purifying and enjoyable soak in the tub.

3. Take your favorite lotion and immerse the container in a sink filled with hot water for a soothing, warm massage.

4. Sugar scrub is another little treat that's sure to delight the skin when it's in need of a little exfoliation. Mix two parts sugar (white or brown) to one part olive oil. Add a few pinches of cinnamon and/or ginger from your spice rack, and voila, a luscious treatment for sexy, glowing skin!

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