Monday, February 11, 2013

Q&A: Twitter Help Badges

A reader, Cypherinfo, has asked me for some assistance on Twitter help badges.  (I had a bronze one.)

"Hello, all of the users gained their Twithelp "Bronze Helper Badge" has seen disappeared their badge if any was embedded in their web site like me. The related web site is no more accessible; it seems that only its twitter account is still running at @twithelpme What to do now to see displayed again it please? My twitter handle is: @cypherinfo."

Well, Cypherinfo, it seems that you're right!  TwitHelp doesn't seem to be as functional as it was back when I got the badge.  That's very unfortunate too, because I thought it was a great service.  Who knows, maybe it'll be back in the future!  I did embed mine into my website through Twithelp.  I am no technological wizard, but I did want to try to help you out. Since you needed to find where to get it, I did a little bit of research & was luckily able to find a copy on the internet!

If you want to display it on your website or somewhere else...  feel free to download and use the one I have placed on this page!  I hope this helps you!  (And I'll be Tweeting you later this week to make sure you've read my Q&A!)

By the way... I am on Twitter as well, at @YourPsychicsSage -- so feel free to follow me or add me.  I love talking to people and helping out folks all over the world!

Does anyone else have a question I can help with?  Feel free to ask me in the comment section below!

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