Saturday, April 13, 2013

About Energy Healing and Your Aura Type

The aura, which is a metaphysical layer of energy surrounding a body, is thought to have seven layers of energy which affect our physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.  The aura around each person is different, and thought to have various color energiess contained inside it. Aura condition can be determined by its color and thickness. 

There are six basic colors which are associated with the human aura.  Each of these colors occur in everyone, but in most people, only one or two are dominant in each aura.

Shades of red tend to belong to passionate, active individuals with lots of aggression and proactivity.  Remember that having an aggressive personality doesn't necessarily mean something bad -- however, the brighter the shade of red, the more anger or rage one possesses.  Darker reds tend to be quietly aggressive, or use their assertive and passionate tendencies in a more positive and productive way.

Orange hues are all about creativity and ideas, as well as the need to communicate those ideas to others.  People with bright orange auras are often unconventional, and tend to think of creative solutions to problems.  These are the world's innovators.  Orange aura bearers must take care, however, to keep their minds open to more rational and logical ideas as well, as they sometimes take flights of fancy a bit too far.

Those with green auras are said to be ambitious Type-A personalities.  They notice the little details that others often miss, and care about adjusting those little things in order to improve the bigger picture.  On the downside, these people can sometimes get mired in the small details so much that they can miss the bigger picture entirely.

Blue aura bearers are spiritual, introspective, and love peace.  They are also interested in creating a peaceful environment and nurturing conditions for other people.  Brighter blues tend to be more nurturing and considerate of others, but the peace-craving darker blues can also be prone to depression and anxiety.  It's important for these people to find a balance, and also to allow others to take care of them once in awhile too, in order to recharge their batteries and to renew their sense of faith in other people.

Violets and purples are the psychics of the world!  Indigo shades tend to represent wisdom and knowledge, as well as a desire to continue learning and to seek further wisdom.  Deeper purples are also wise, filled with insight and vision.  Vivid purple aura bearers are people who have the ability to impact the world with their love and kindness.  (I'm a dark purple, by the way!)

People say that those with white auras are protected by angels, benevolent spirits, and positive energy.  They are also able to bring out the best or worst in other people, reflecting their energies back at others like a mirror.

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