Thursday, April 25, 2013

What 'Unusual' Aura Colors Mean

While most people's auras contain a few different colors, there are also some important shades or patterns that don't really fit the standard mold.  Each aura is unique, and aura patterns can contain many different shades.  Some of these colors are explored here.

It is said that a mixture of mud-colored brown, dark grey, and light pink together have been seen in people with a serious or terminal illness, or other fatal condition.  Try some aura cleansing rituals to soothe and protect your spiritual health too.

Metallic shades are also present in the auras.  Silver streaks or spots are said to represent truth-seekers, or those wishing for guidance from God and other spiritual sources.  Gold indicates an extremely sensitive and highly aware individual.  Copper is usually seen in people who spend a lot of time outdoors or with environmental jobs (forestry, mining, farming).  One person has told me that a zinc-colored hue, which is similar to gold, but lighter in color, is often seen around genitals or sexual organs, but especially during arousal.

Off-white shades and pastels are frequently seen.  While white itself indicates the presence of a spiritual guardian, off-white such as cream or ivory indicates that someone is devoted to a path of higher spirituality, and that they are progressing accordingly.  Pearl and pearly shades are the hallmark of mediums or others who are highly in tune with the spiritual presences which surround us.  Ivory is the shade of someone who seeks goodness and truth, but is also adept at communicating those ideas to others and may serve as a great influence to others.

The meaning of different aura colors can also be found individually when the colors are mixed.  Most people have varying aura patterns to reflect different sides of their emotional spectrum as well.

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