Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lawyers & Astrology

Aries are competitive, physical, and active. They would make excellent representation for famous people, especially sports agents or attorneys, or awesome courtroom attorneys as well. As a strong sign that thrives on competition, an Aries would be a rough opponent as a litigator in a courtroom.

Taurus tend to be stubborn and set in their ways, but also very good with money. I can easily see a Taurean as a finance lawyer, estate lawyer, or even a business attorney. They could also be good in situations like corporate law, annuity settlement attorneys, or divorce lawyers as they are willing to fight for what's right and can keep a cool head even when they are feeling especially emotional.

Geminis are wonderful at communicating, and they tend to have open minds. They are great talkers, which would make them formidable in the courtroom -- especially as a criminal trial lawyer, when there is a need to convince a jury. I also feel that, as a sign dedicated to fairness and equality, they could be among the best judges of the zodiac as well.

Cancer people are emotional and nurturing. The law would be a draining profession on someone who was so sensitive, so I think they'd be great handling the types of cases where they could do the most good. This sign would be best at family law, as well as any type of litigation that is done in favor of children. Cancers are very affected by home and family well-being, and would like to provide the best possible service for people who need family help as well. They would make good defense lawyers as they pour their hearts out to those in need of help.

Leo loves the spotlight, and thrives in any atmosphere where he or she gets to step up and talk! Because of this, a Leo would do well in any circumstance where the legal case is famous, or involves celebrities and popular causes. Leo would be fantastic arguing in court, or good at giving speeches and convincing a jury, with their flair for the dramatic. It doesn't really matter if they're on the winning or losing side, as long as Leo is getting the recognition!

Virgos are definitely going to be more of the type who wants to sit behind a desk, rather than one who wishes to argue in a roomful of people. Virgos would excel at research, corporate law, and civil suits. They would do well in health-related lawsuits, such as the growing number of mesothelioma law firm attorneys, asbestos lawyers, or automobile accident attorneys. Virgos could also be good at teaching law to those in need of education, as their natural patience and helpfulness can be a boon to law students.

Libras are also naturally open-minded, and are represented by the scales which are a symbol of justice! Libras would be better at judging than arguing a case, though constitutional law or being a civil rights attorney would be right up their alley. Government law of all kinds would be a good focus point for Librans. Libra people like things to be fair and balanced for everyone, and would prefer to make the world a better place.

Scorpios, as everyone knows, are the dark and devious fellows of the zodiac. One would suppose, then, that they'd be excellent criminal lawyers and would be drawn to even more violent crimes, such as in murder trials. But as the sign which rules over sex and death, the Scorpio could make an excellent family lawyer or estate lawyer as well. What's more, the naturally charismatic Scorpio would be especially riveting as a trial attorney to convince the jury and judge of the validity of their client's position.

Sagittarius people are adventurous and freedom-loving. As such, they'd be fantastic arguing in front of a courtroom full of people! If you needed to find a lawyer who was good with groups, this is the one.  Their innate charisma and conviction can help to win people over. Sagittarius people would enjoy fighting for the rights of the overlooked or downtrodden, such as civil rights attorneys.

Capricorn is another sign that is best behind the desk, rather than in the courtroom. Capricorns are good at playing the devil's advocate, and thus can be quite convincing even when arguing for a case that they don't particularly favor.  You can hardly find a lawyer who's more into details than a Capricorn! They would also be adept at financial law, class-action lawsuits, and accident attorneys as well. They could also be good as car accident attorneys, personal injury lawyers, and corporate lawyers.

Aquarius places a high importance on freedom and love for their fellow humans. As a sign that's good at mingling and even managing communities, Aquarians would be the natural choice for class-action lawsuits. Because of their love of technology uniting people together, they could be especially adept at consumer law, and cyber laws as well.  It would be hard to find a lawyer of more humanitarian nature than Aquarius.

Pisces rules over the unknown and foreign, and as such, could be great for navigating crimes which are committed over state or international lines. They could also be especially savvy at helping to create and argue for new laws, or to eliminate laws which are no longer effective.


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  2. Cool post! I have pieces sun in 9th, Gemini moon in 12th, cancer asc and Jupiter in 7th - I work mainly in family law and immigration...and a small bit of criminal!


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