Monday, April 22, 2013

The "X" Crystal Grid Layout for Arthritis & Fibromyalgia Pain

Pain can be such a debilitating thing.  I know I have days where I can only dream of getting out of bed!  But that's why crystal therapy can be so great.  It can never hurt you, only help.  Even if you're not quite convinced, think of it as mind over matter.  Or imagine it to be a way to meditate on your issues in order to gain some perspective.  Either way, it is non-invasive and worth a shot!

I have devised a crystal grid layout to free you of those aches and pains which are brought on by stiff creaky joints, arthritis, neurological disturbances such as neuropathy and fibromyalgia.  This one is great for the knees!  You will need to be seated or laying down for this position.

For help with pain, I tend to use items from the orange or brown color families, as the Root Chakra is the place in the body where pain management energy tends to be stored.  (When people "brace themselves" for something that's gonna hurt, it's usually those muscles which tense and brace!)  However, for this grid layout I have come up with something a little different.

You will need two blue stones, such as lapis, sapphire, or blue agate, in order to absorb the healing and soothing energies around you.  If you can get crystals which are pointed, all the better.  The other gemstones you can use are turquoise (and do try to get points, arrowheads, or something elogated if possible) or even clear quartz points will work.

In the middle of the X, you should place a green calcite gemstone in the middle of affected area in order to have a "pain conductor."  Direct the discomfort into the calcite, and allow it to then disperse through the blue and aqua crystals around it.  Calcite stones are best for this purpose, but amethyst can also work well, as can jasper or any color of agate (though I do recommend moss agate or another green crystal shade as it promotes healing from the Heart Chakra).

Happy healing!

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