Sunday, April 28, 2013

What Does a Spiritual Awakening Feel Like?

For those who have never actually had the opportunity to experience their own spiritual transformation, the act of the spiritual awakening can be a rather tough thing to actually put into words.  Some will simply say that in order to understand what one is, you must first experience it.  Although these occurrences are different for everyone, there are some underlying similarities that many people have reported.  Certain people have reported that there is an overwhelming surge of energy, yet simultaneously, there's a soothing sense of calm and peaceful overtone.  You may also feel warm or hot flashes, tingling, or other unusual sensations.  Ripples of love and ecstasy may course through your body, filling you with a sense that all is more than just right with the world -- it's amazing!  In the fleeting time that you feel this amazing occurrence, it may seem as if you have become part of everything around you; one with the entire universe, and all of the love and joy that is contained within it.  Your soul opens to all the divine beauty in the universe and becomes part of it.  It may last only a few seconds, more or less.  Sometimes, the transformation and its buildup is gradual and gentle; other times it is as quick and intense as a spontaneous orgasm.  While the experience is different for each and every person, your end result will still be the same: you have awakened your spiritual consciousness, opened your heart to an amazing and divine connection with your higher power.


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