Thursday, August 22, 2013

Crystal Grid Therapy: Fertility Grid Layout

When you have problems conceiving a child, you can feel powerless over the situation.  Keep the faith, though!  The family that you dream of CAN happen!  One method to try is crystal therapy.  Yes, it's hard to understand if you're not a crystal healing enthusiast, but no matter what, it certainly cannot hurt in your quest for pregnancy.

I've devised a simple crystal grid layout that can work for beginners or novices alike.  But you all know I like to keep things simple. :)   For this layout to become even more powerful, by all means feel free to wear your favorite pearl and/or diamond jewelry when performing this layout.  Both are reputed to be fantastic for women's reproductive health, especially during pregnancy.  I'd also throw in a ruby or two since it promotes healthy childbirth... why not? :)

The grey splotches represent moonstones.  Use four of them; place one against each breast or along the chest area, and place the other two parallel to these in the lower abdomen in the ovarian area.  This is to help you lay the best and most farm-fresh possible eggs for your upcoming pregnancy!  Moonstones are said to posses powers that help the female body cycles align correctly and naturally.  By adding them into this crystal grid layout, you are syncing your body with nature's cycles as well.  If you cannot find moonstones, you can also try gems such as pearls, mother-of-pearl, agate of any type (though I'd go with violet agate or the black and white types first as they have fertility powers)... even seashells from your nearest beach can provide nice energy!

Along your uterine area, lay a red jasper, garnet, or other red stone and make sure that the stone itself is making contact against your skin.  (Below the navel but above the genitals.)  When I first drew this, I made two red stones but then decided to connect them with a third, because I wanted to show multiple stones in this area.  Feel free to use several if you don't have a larger one available.  Even a small pile of different red stones would be great.  The trick here is to use the spiritual color energy of the root chakra and get your body to align with those passionate red fertility vibes!

If you have crystals with points to place beside you parallel with your hips, I'd recommend using them.  If not, feel free to use round tumbled stones.  My preference for you here is rose quartz or amethyst.  Face the pointed parts of your crystals outward.  Concentrate on picking up the ambient fertility energy with the crystal points, and absorbing it into your reproductive system in order to have the strongest and most fertile lady parts ever!

Here's to a happy, healthy pregnancy!

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  1. Thanks for the post! How long do you leave the crystals on for?


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