Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stalked at 17: The Story That's a True Warning

The Lifetime movie, Stalked at 17, is a true eye-opener for people who consider teen romance to be a trivial story.  "He's only overprotective because he loves me," Angela offered this explanation as a reason for why her boyfriend, Chad, flipped out at the night before.

But the guy from the restaurant had Chad's number.  "The way he treats other people... someday he will treat you that way," he said in response.

Angela, who was only sixteen, met Chad while touring a university.  They hooked up at a party later that night, and from there, the two were inseperable.  On the surface, Chad seemed like the perfect guy.  He was gorgeous, smart, and going places with his life.  A student in college just on the verge of graduating, Chad seemed to have everything going for him.  He seemed to come from a good family, with a mother was on the city council with friends in high places.  And Chad had treated her so lovingly at first.  His true colors began to show quickly, though.

But Chad was a very controlling boyfriend.  He manipulated Angela at every opportunity; large betrayals such as getting her pregnant on purpose, and even small controlling things such as deciding what she should drink when she visited his mother's house.  He had an extremely volatile temper.  Chad's first reaction always seemed to be yelling and violent behavior -- from causing an embarrassing scene at a restaurant when Angela's chicken was undercooked, to wigging out when his roommates played their music too loudly -- Chad would show his terrible temper at every turn.

And Chad wasn't being up front with Angela about his past.  Although he'd told her that his biological mother had been murdered, the truth was that she was actually a drug addict who was serving time in prison for armed robbery.  And Angela wasn't the first girl that he had gotten pregnant; there was another one in his past, who had refused his proposals of marriage, gotten an abortion, and ended their relationship.

When Angela's parents decided that it was best for the two of them to stop seeing each other, Chad's true colors emerged.  Chad harrassed Angela's dad on the phone, calling his home and work incessantly.  He was hostile and threatening toward Angela's mother.  He would go to Angela's school and home to visit her without her parents' permission.  Eventually they filed a restraining order, which he and Angela periodically ignored.  When Chad attacked Angela's father in a parking lot with a tire iron, he was sent to jail for assault.  Angela's friend Tenaya calls him, "violent and creepy... a nut case."

While Chad was in jail, Angela continued living her life.  She stayed in school, saw her pregnancy through, and had a baby boy whom she named Josh.  When Chad turned to his biological mother for help, she agreed to his plot to kidnap Angela and the baby.

Chad and his mother didn't get very far, however.  After showing a remarkable amount of weak will throughout the entire movie, finally Angela becomes motivated to fight for herself and her child.  She finds a way to notify someone that she is in need of help, and takes control of the situation in order to escape from under his thumb.

I had never heard of this movie until I started reading other people's search terms, which were leading Stalked at 17 enthusiasts my way.  I found it to be a fairly entertaining movie with some redeeming qualities.  It was a nice way to spend a snowy afternoon.  However, I still love Obsessed way more. :)

Many people seemed to also be seeking the name of the song from Stalked at 17's trailer.  Allow me to help you!  It's called "All Alone" by David O'Dowda.  I've also found a video for it on YouTube.


Was "Stalked at 17" based on a true story?  According to this tweet from the star of the movie Taylor Spreitler who plays the main character, this movie is not based on a specific story.  However, it was inspired by some true events.

What other Lifetime movies do you enjoy?  Please leave me a comment below! :)

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