Monday, January 6, 2014

The Lovers Card in the Tarot

While a lot of people see the Lovers card as solely about love, I see it as much more.  Love is the tip of the iceberg, but so many loves are present in this card.  There is the love between a man and a woman (or two men, or two women, as love never discriminates!), but I also mustn't ignore the angelic presence in the card.  This card can represent humanity's love for one another, for the universe's love for all of its children, the love between God and his creations, or even familial love between parents and children, or relatives for one another.  The card represents romantic or sexual love in its most basic form, when you see the naked people standing there.  It evokes the beautiful story of Adam and Eve, the basic and primal feelings of love and companionship between people as well.   The card also represents a loving family, with the angel watching over her charges with joy and love.

This card can also represent anything with is personally fulfilling, not just contact or relationships with other people.  Consider fulfillment, a goal being met, work being completed, or a lifelong dream which has been realized.  All of these things are like pieces in the puzzle of life.  The Lovers points to these pieces fitting together and forming a bigger picture, one which you may have longed to complete.

The reversed meaning:  I always interpret this card not as the absence of love, or even the loss of an existing love.  Instead, I use the comparison of pieces of a puzzle instead -- perhaps the love, the fulfillment, that which you long for or which completes you -- are there for the taking.  But instead of being present and strong in your life, these elements are elusive and hard for you to capture completely.  However, the potential is there.  It may not feel as if these things are as close as you think they are, but they're definitely hovering around.  All you need to do is to find out how to reach them, and the fulfillment of the Lovers card will be yours!

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