Monday, January 13, 2014

Physical Signs and Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

When physical manifestations of a spiritual awakening occur, you may or may not be feeling like our muscle-bound friend here!  But there are some documentations of what a spiritual awakening feels like in your body, as well as how to deal with the repercussions.  Enjoy!

New and unusual physical changes.  Physical issues or complaints that you thought were long resolved may be popping back up, or perhaps the reverse is true; issues which seem to plague you on a regular basis seem to be fading or, at least, not bugging you as much.  You may experience tiredness, muscle cramps, changes in hearbeat, libido changes (for good or ill), migraines or back pain.  It's always best to talk to your doctor when you experience physical changes, illness symptoms, or pain, and it is what I always recommend.  However, do not panic (unless your medical professional advises you to do so!).  Many times, spiritual awakenings will tax our bodies in ways that we would not realize or expect.

Surprising and unexpected energy bursts that prompt you into action, along with periods of overwhelming lethargy and tiredness.  You may feel like you're ready to leap out of your chair and go slay a dragon one day, followed by a wave of fatigue only moments later.  Your energy levels may be shifting and it will take you some time to get used to those changes.  The best way to handle such energy shifts is to go with the flow.  When you have an energy burst, use it to your advantage.  Try to recognize a pattern so that when you do have bouts of energy, you can accomplish things without getting stuck halfway through.  If you feel tired and need to rest, do it.  Sleep when you need to sleep, even if you happen to require more rest than you previously did; if you're tired but not able to fall asleep, try doing something soothing but productive; I like to read, catch up on my emails, blog or work on whatever book I'm writing.  Find ways to occupy your mind and get things done until you are suitably ready to rest.

Feeling more in sync with cyclical changes in nature.  As the moon goes through each of its phases, you may be experiencing certain physical or emotional sensations that are associated with those phases.  You may notice that you are increasingly aware of weather patterns and seasonal cycles.  A stronger connection to nature and a heightened sense of awareness of the earth's changes can be beneficial to you.

Nails and hair growing faster than usual.  This may be a sign that you're also craving additional protein in your diet, and the body is making use of it.  You may also notice that the quality of the hair and nails has changed as well.  Perhaps your nails are stronger and break less.  Or your hair is smoother and more luminous, with less breakage and more durability.

Fluttering heartbeat.  Spiritual awakenings can cause disturbances in several of the body's natural processes.  The circulatory system, and the major organs, are no different.  When you heart chakra becomes extremely full and sensitive, you may experience what is known as benign PVCs.  A racing, pounding heart which begin and ends with no rhyme or reason can indicate stress or an opening of the heart chakra.  Always check with your doctor whenever you have any cardiac issues, however.  Make sure that there are no other issues which may be making you ill, as heart conditions are serious business!

A heightened sense of physical sensitivity, especially with the skin.  A spiritual awakening can cause dermatological issues such as rosacea, shingles, breakouts, and hives.  Many of these conditions are often caused by stress and nerves; spiritual changes are no different.  Some psychological issues, when left unchecked, can come out through the pores as people tend to bottle up traumatic or problematic issues.  Try to de-stress as much as you possibly can.  Treat both your symptoms as well as your underlying emotional issues.

You may also experience more physical sensitivity with your other senses.  Eyesight may be clearer and more keen, though the sensitivity could also become painful where there are bright lights or with visuals that require more focus and concentration.  Your senses of smell and taste can also become quite intense, particularly the sense of smell.  With a sharper sense of smell, you can pick up on a great many additional things, however, you must be careful; scents that you usually love may become too intense for you, and may make you ill.  Sense of touch can also manifest a great deal more sensitivity; textures and temperatures that are ordinarily pleasurable or at least tolerable may be too difficult for you to handle.  Hearing may also be sharper and you might find that you can hear things much more easily than you used to do, but noises and sounds which are too loud or intense may become harder to tolerate.

Migraines, headaches, and other unfamiliar sensations of the head or scalp.  You may be experiencing more frequent sensations along your crown chakra as it begins to accept new information.  These can come in the form of migraines, pressure, tingling, or itching.  Some people have reported feeling a gentle pressure or the feeling of "picking up" new energies from this chakra.  If your doctor rules out any other conditions, and you feel it is your crown chakra opening to accept new energy, simply wait it out.  The sensations become less stimulating over time.

New eating habits, unplanned weight losses and gains, unusual cravings.  Your weight may fluctuate in unexpected ways.  Or, your eating habits might change; you may be experiencing cravings that you never used to have.  Perhaps you've developed the adverse reaction, and have been having issues tolerating something that you used to enjoy.  Maybe you're famished during each meal, when before you'd merely pick at your food.  Regardless of the new changes in your food and weight habits, these are all signs of other spiritual, physical, or emotional changes in your life.  Try not to worry so much about the weight issues, unless you're approaching unhealthy over- or underweight states; these may be temporary.  Take some exercise, make sure you're staying healthy and keeping in touch with your doctor or nutritionist, and pay attention to the signals that your body is sending you.  It is telling you what it needs.

Unexpected surges of energy.  You may be getting hot and cold flashes at random times, or perhaps you feel waves of power or energy surges coursing through your body.  These may be gently felt, or they could be more powerful waves of energy.  Rather than worry about the source of this energy, embrace it and appreciate that it is just your body changing and reattuning itself to a new spiritual level.

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  1. I've noticed that lately I have had a lot more headaches and I've never had them this much before. Its been going on for the past two or three months. It feels more like a hard pressure like a migraine of course it may also be because my dad has them. I don't know. But I have also had random spouts of energy lately. I dont know if its cause I just got over being sick or not. I don't know.


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