Sunday, February 20, 2011

Floribus Magicis Ritem

The following is my very own magick spell which is used for dispelling negativity, purifying a space, and consecrating it with your own unique energy signature.  I call this simply, "Floribus Magicis Ritem," which means "The Magic Ritual of Flowers."

For this rite, you will need the following:

a handful of sea salt
your favorite incense
a handful of lilacs, or a few drops of lilac oil
a handful of carnations, or a few drops of carnation oil

Sprinkle the area with sea salt.  "By the power of Earth, I consecrate this space."
Take a moment to visualize the spirits of Earth bringing some of their holy energies to the area.

Dredge the area with smoke from your incense.  "By the power of Air, I purify this space."
visualize the Air spirits emanating from the smoke to make the space pure.

sprinkle the lilac oil or petals.  "By the power of water, I cleanse this space."
Envision the power of Water bring harmony and happiness to the area that you're sprinkling.

Sprinkle the carnation oil or petals.  "By the power of fire, I protect this space."
Imagine glowing Fire energies lending their protection to the area.

You are now ready to do your own magical workings, or simply leave these items as-is to keep your space consecrated and to dispel negative energies from encroaching.

Salt is a an age-old component of many spiritual workings.  Its main purpose is to cleans and purify a space, getting rid of negative vibrations before you prepare to do your own personal rites.  Lilacs, a water-ruled flower, are the perfect component to promote living in harmony, as well as to enhance mental and psychic abilities.  Carnations are a very classic fire-type flower, and is often used to promote healing, both physically and mentally, as well as to boost one's power and add extra "oomph!" to your magick.

Notes:  You can use essential oils (add a few drops to some olive oil), fragrance oil, perfume, or whatever you have on hand -- even fresh flowers or dried petals.  Use enough to cover the whole area.  A handful or 2 should be more than sufficient for most small areas.

I'm in love with this gorgeous lilac photo by 4nitsirk -- thanks so much for generously sharing it!

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