Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to Become More Psychic

Have you ever experienced occasions where something happened that seemed coincidental, yet you had a funny feeling that there might have been more to it than that? Perhaps your intuition was speaking to you... it’s possible that those feelings were the kernels of your own psychic potential, ready to be planted.

A person’s extrasensory powers are quite like the pieces of a puzzle. If you focus your attention on the puzzle as a whole, you can see the big picture every easily and clearly. However, if you zoom in, and focus only on a few pieces at a time, you will notice smaller details which may have escaped your attention before. This is very much the same way that your psychic ability can be cultivated; when you zoom in and take a look at the details on each small piece of any given puzzle, you will be picking up more information and insight from inside yourself as well.

There are also ways to cultivate use of your sixth sense in natural, healthy ways. The first way is to take the time to absorb the aspects of your other senses. Be sure to experience each and every part of the world around you -- what you see, hear, feel, smell, taste, and touch. If a feeling or image comes to your mind as you do this, be accepting of it,. Allow yourself to become immersed in these impressions. Try to focus on each image or feeling that comes to you; explore how these make you feel or what else they make you think about.

Another great way to enhance your psychic abilities is to take everyday activities, and learn how to do them in new and different ways. Try to concentrate less on completing those everyday goals, and more on flexing your mental muscles by doing those activities through unfamiliar or challenging new methods. Try something unusual and different -- this will stimulate your mind and allow you to use parts of it which may not be used to functioning in this way. It’s great mental exercise which can help your overall well-being as well as aid in the expansion of your extrasensory horizons.

And finally, another way to get those psychic juices flowing is to keep learning and be creative. Introduce yourself not just to new ways of doing your usual activities, but also experiencing new things in general. Theta waves, the brain waves that measure creativity and spirituality, can flow more prolifically when new and different scenarios are experienced. In order to harness the power of your theta waves, make it your business to absorb as much new information as you can. You’ll experience more creativity and clarity as well -- these things in and of themselves can skyrocket your psychic potential.

Remember that your brain is a muscle, and like all part of your body, needs exercise to function at its best. Here are a few more ideas to help you flex those mental muscles.

1. Meet new people. Talk to all sorts of new people, even if you believe that you may have nothing in common with them. Chances are that you’ll learn something interesting.

2. Travel. Feast your eyes on some new and unusual sights that you’ve never experienced.

3. Stimulate your palate with food that you’ve never tried before. A novel and exotic experience can be had on a plate right in front of you.

4. Listen to your instincts. Try to rise to the small challenges in life by way of your intuition or hunches. Trust yourself. You may just be right!

5. Chart a new course. Instead of going to work, school, or your favorite shopping area the same old way, try finding a new direction. Mixing up your routine will be freeing and creatively fruitful.

The development of your psychic abilities can be as natural as learning any new habits for your health. Just as the health of your physical body is important, so is the health of your mind. Each of these give you the skills to reach your highest capabilities, to forge ahead and to reach the fullest potential of your life. Cultivate your extrasensory abilities slowly and carefully, by just allowing yourself to experience each moment naturally through all of your senses. In this way, you will also gradually harness the power of that sixth sense as well.

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