Friday, September 23, 2011

More Ways to Use Crystals

Crystals can be wonderful tools to promote healing, cleansing, and tranquility.  But there are new ways to try them too -- like these below.

Aid your meditation or relaxation by placing your favorite tranquility crystal on your brow chakra (the "third eye" in the middle of your forehead).  This energizes your mental and intuitive energies while relaxing your physical body.  Try a green crystal to help relax you.

Protect yourself from danger, negativity, or other undesirable situations.  Visualize your crystal filling with a spiritual white light and surrounding you with a protective force.  Fill the entire room with this light.  Imagine it "locking out" things which are harmful or bad, protecting you and sealing in your positivity.  Visualize the walls, windows, and doors locking out any potential threats to your well-being.  Blue gemstones are best for this.  You can also couple this with a mantra or even a simple declaration that you are protecting yourself, in the name of your chosen deity -- God, Jesus, Goddess, Buddha, anyone you worship -- or no deity at all, if you so choose.

 One's ability to visualize such things can be an invaluable technique.  The crystals can help you center that visualization and focus it so that your intentions can go in the right direction.

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