Monday, December 31, 2012

Of Spellwork: Ingredients, Incantations, & Gestures

Spellcasting, like any type of task, can take on different styles and forms, which largely depend on the spellcaster.  While there are many ingredients and directions to be followed, there is always room for variation. 

Spells largely consist of instructions which specify the actions, gestures, spoken or written words, and important items to use during casting.  Any spell that involves the written or spoken word requires that you write or speak clearly and legibly.  Some will require shouting, whispering, or just speaking -- in any event, do these things as firmly and with as much conviction as possible.  And don't forget to enunciate; remember what happened to Harry Potter the first time he tried going to Diagon Alley through the chimney!

Gestures may be equally important.  Strive to be as accurate as possible with these gestures.

Ingredients are another vital part of spellwork.  Try to get the best ingredients you can manage.  If there's something rare or time-sensitive that is difficult to acquire, a substitution may be allowed.  You can check online or in your spellbooks for the appropriate correspondences.  Many, if not most, ingredients should only be used once and not "recycled" for other spells.  However, in my opinion, some are fine to use over and over again.  For example, if you have a cleansing spell that requires a white candle, there is no reason you can't reuse the candle in your future magickal workings.  Just cleanse the item appropriately when you're finished, and re-consecrate it in the future.  The same goes for things like crystals, cloth items, and essential oils; you can always cleanse and re-program them.

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