Monday, May 13, 2013

External Symptoms and Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Major life changes.  While this is not necessarily a symptom of a spiritual awakening, it is often a trigger.  Significant life events, such as divorce, job loss or change, death of someone close to you, moving, or major illness (yours or someone else's) can give impetus to a newfound spiritual status as well.  While we cannot always prevent these life changes from occurring -- and indeed, in many cases, have no control over these at all -- we can control our reactions to them.  Even negative changes may manifest something positive at the end.  You are stronger than you realize.

Technical difficulties.  It feels like Mercury is in retrograde all the time!  Your computer may crash, your cell phone might lose its signal, or your car refuses to start.  Yes, these things can happen to everyone from time to time.  However, if you notice a significant increase in the technical difficulties with machinery and mechanical devices, this may be your higher power trying to tell you something.  Some folks actually do reiki healing techniques on their cars or computers.  Couldn't hurt!  But more than anything, try to keep these issues in their proper perspective.

You notice cycles which seem to repeat themselves over and over again.  Issues that you may have had in the past (and avoided) are much more likely to resurface.  Incidents that you have put aside may keep coming back to pass as they require your attention and resolution.  People that you have avoided, pushed away, or whose issues you have failed to handle adequately may suddenly be thrust back into your life, prompting you to finally resolve the issues between you.  Even if the people themselves are not presenting themselves back into your life, the old issues that you've had with others can still keep cropping back up into your consciousness.  It's also possible that new people will trigger these same negative feelings or dealings.  This is your consciousness's way of trying to clear the air with you.  In order to properly attune yourself to your new spiritual level, you must first clear away the toxic emotional debris and ineffective ways of dealing with these issues.  Try to take these occurrences as the lessons which they are intended, and work on the issues so that you can more formally immerse yourself in new and exciting arenas.

A keener sense of mystical coincidences, miracles, and cosmic "gifts."  Your eyes may open to interesting new experiences such as symbols and signs which may have ordinarily been ignored by you in the past.  Seemingly innocuous aspects of your life may start to carry extra significance and meaning.  You may find these in day-to-day life, but they may also manifest during sleep in the form of meaningful dreams and visions.  Spiritual awakenings will often bring those hidden meanings out into the open for people, whether they are seeking them or not.  Coincidences may also happen more often; strange or unusual occurrences can often cluster together and help to you dictate your path in life.  Try being on the lookout for cosmic messages, as it can be a fun and interesting experience.

Your own personal "Law of Attraction" success.  Remember that thoughts, even when unuttered and discarded, are still going someplace.  Although you may not act on all thoughts, they are still existing on some level, and you are still putting them out to the universe.  Perhaps you're manifesting some great things, but be careful what, good or ill, you're wishing for -- you might just get it!

What's more, it seems that the opportunities to learn lessons and to put personal issues into their proper places seem to be cropping up more and more.  This is the universe's way of telling you that it is time to handle your emotional and personal baggage now, in order to prepare for the changes which are about to come.  You may see signs throughout the course of your day which point to certain thoughts or ideas at hand which you need to tackle -- take those hints for what they are, and do your best to try to see them through.  You already know what you need to do; but now, it is time to do it.

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