Friday, November 1, 2013

Having an Awesome Life, Lesson #11: Do What You Love

This lesson sounds way too simple to be true -- but it is!  If you're anything like the rest of the world, you have little things that you secretly love.  Those guilty little pleasures that you'd rather die than admit to, but secretly, you're loving every nasty little second of it.

I'm talking about things like the secret way that you sing in the shower, or dance in the bathroom when no one's around.  Or the illicit thrill you get when flipping through the TV channels, and you come across a tacky talk-show or a really bizarre movie that you're way to "cool" to admit to loving.

Why not embrace those little quirks that you try so hard to deny?  There is nothing wrong with doing what you love, and being proud of it.  Even if you consider those loves to be too trivial, too silly, or too out of character -- so what?  You need to make time in your life for a bit of levity and fun.  Not every second of your life has to be dedicated solely to accomplishing goals and achieving successes.  You need to make time to appreciate the simple, fun, and enjoyable things as well. 

Pursue happiness wherever it pleases you.  Remember how things where when you were a child, chasing fun and frivolity when the mood strikes.  Balancing work and play can make your life much happier, much more productive, and much more awesome!

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