Monday, April 28, 2014

Wishing for a Spiritual Awakening

You must also try to keep your potential awakening in the proper perspective.  The common perception of a stereotypical spiritual experience is a magical, mystical transformation that occurs inside of us.  However, this experience is not one that will simply happen out of nowhere.  In order to embark on the spiritual path, you open your mind and your heart to the deity of your choice (or even just to the power of the universe).  You need to be willing to bare and share your soul with this higher power, and to become accepting that there are larger forces in the universe than simply our own wills.  As powerful as we are, and as much as change must begin inside us, we also need to become attuned to the energies of the universe.  It is the desire to change our lives, to prepare to step into the unknown, and to do it by ourselves which will put us in the right direction.  While change does come from within, most of us are unwilling to change our lives under normal, comfortable circumstances.  It is only when change is absolutely necessary that we are most likely to make it.  For example, we may suffer for years in a relationship that makes us unhappy, but we may be comfortable there; or, perhaps we toil away for a long time with a job that we hate.  We may stay in these negative patterns because, while unpleasant, are comfortable and familiar.  But if we should be dumped by the other person, or fired from our job, we are then forced to open our eyes and make a change.  Spirituality does not work that way; the desire must fuel the action.

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