Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Seven Sacred Spiritual Baths (7 Baños Sagrados Espirituales)

I have a container of 7 Baños Sagrados Espirituales, "Seven Sacred Spiritual Baths."  There are seven packs of scented bath salts.  Each day, you say a prayer over the salts and add them to your bath water.  It is said to be very effective.

Here's a translation of the instructions, which include incantations (prayers) to say over your bath water.

"Many are those who rise up against me, but you, holy Spirit, you are my defense. You're close to all who call you honestly, I (state your name) I call for you to grant me the following.

Sunday, Bath No. 1: That deprive me of all the evil that I have done. Blessed be God forever.

Monday, Bath # 2: May I never miss work. Lord be blessed forever.

Tuesday, Bath #3: To protect me from the envy and hatred. Lord be blessed forever.

Wednesday, Bath # 4: Let my money go always to meet my needs. Lord be blessed forever.

Thursday, Bath # 5: By the power of love get happiness. Lord be blessed forever.

Friday, Bath #6: That des peace and tranquility to my spirit and my home. Lord be blessed forever.

Saturday, Bath # 7: Always protect me from danger and tradition of all evil and they want me in the future. Blessed be God forever. "

This prayer is recited only SEVEN SACRED SPIRITUAL BATHS. After bathing normally in a pint of water dissolve intended envelope corresponding to the day and bathe from head to toe.

Legitimate sacred baths: A set for spiritual strength

In harmonious activity under a single principle... "good for goodness itself: good luck in business, peace and tranquility at home, love, health, and work." Salt baths were used originally by the ancient Roman royalty, Caesar and Cleopatra, and also the Queen of Sheba.

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  1. Hello. Thank you for this. I am currently in St. Thomas and I picked some up at a botanica here. I needed the prayer. Thank you.


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